RadUNIA of culture - Letter of Intent signed

Five cultural institutions located in Gdańsk along the Radunia Canal and Hevelius Square have signed a letter of intent for the 'RadUNIA of Culture' programme at the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre. Among the signatories is the Museum of the University of Gdańsk. The objective of this cooperation is to strengthen cultural activity in the Old Town, to demonstrate the potential of the institutions operating in this area and to mutually present their current offer.

The signatories to the agreement include the University of Gdańsk Museum, the Museum of the City of Gdańsk, the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre, the Museum of the University of Gdańsk, the Oblate Education and Culture Centre and the Panienka z Okienka Nonpublic Kindergarten.

'We are very proud and happy that the University of Gdańsk Museum has been noticed and appreciated. We will create a partnership network with large institutions located near the Radunia Canal. It is a great honour and a great challenge,' - says UG Museum Director Marta Szaszkiewicz. - 'I am convinced, however, that this cooperation will allow us to carry out fantastic and necessary projects, which will strengthen the cultural position of the Old Town. This is an important step in the context of further work towards the development of the Gdańsk University Museum.'

The Old Town in Gdańsk is the northern part of the city centre district, located by the Radunia Canal built by the Teutonic Knights in the 14th century. This unique work of hydraulic engineering was of great importance for the economic development of Gdańsk, as it was here that the largest production facility in medieval Europe - the Great Mill - was built. It is here that the largest production plant in medieval Europe - the Great Mill - was built. Here are also valuable monuments of Gdańsk: e.g. the Old Town Hall, St. Catherine's Church and St. Joseph's Church or the House of Pelplin Abbots. Today, although each of these monuments already plays a different role, there is still a lot going on along the Radunia Canal. This area is the seat of many cultural institutions in the city.

Within the framework of cooperation the parties declare:

  1. cooperation in initiating, creating and implementing joint local, regional and international projects in the field of culture, art, education and tourism in order to promote the cultural potential of the Old Town
  2. Mutual promotion of the activities of the institutions associated in the network in order to increase the accessibility of their offer.

'We want to show the potential of this place. There will be a lot going on already during the summer holidays. We have to notice that this place is a cultural salon and it is worth using it,' - assures Renata Malcer-Dymarska, Deputy Director of NCK.

The initiative to sign the letter of intent was born on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre. Its aim is to popularise cultural events taking place in the oldest part of Gdańsk and to encourage residents and tourists to learn more about the city's history. The assumptions of cooperation and planned short- and long-term activities were presented.

- 'Already the first talks within the network resulted in cooperation between us and one of the branches of the Gdańsk Museum, namely the Gdańsk Science Museum. We are in the process of creating an open-air exhibition about women in science and their impact on the development of Gdańsk', - informs Marta Szaszkiewicz. - 'We will present profiles of female researchers from three universities composing the Fahrenheit University. The opening of the exhibition will take place on August 4 during the Dominican Fair.'

Planned events in 2022:

  • 65 years of Panienka z okienka Kindergarten -10.06
  • World Amber Day -28.06
  • The Sounds of the North Festival Dance -6.07
  • The Baltic Movie Summer Cinema -6.07, 13.07, 20.07, 27.07
  • Gdańsk Carillon Festival -15.07-27.08
  • Events as part of St Dominic's Fair -23.07-14.08
  • 'Women in Science' open-air exhibition -4.08
  • Harpsichord Festival - beginning of September

'We hope to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge about the Old Town - this is what RadUNIA's initiative serves, the Space is open to a wide range of activities. We hope that the cooperation will develop and be exceptionally fruitful,' - said Father Marcin Szafors from the Oblate Centre of Education and Culture.

Photos by Alan Stocki
Elwira Romaniuk / Press Office UG