The first workshops and meetings under the project 'Business Day at the Faculty of Philology. Face to face with employers'. The project was an opportunity for students of the Faculty of Philology at the University of Gdańsk to take their first steps in the labour market and come into contact with the immediate economic environment.

On May 23, 2022, in the conference room on the 34th floor of Olivia Star, the first day of workshops and meetings in the project 'Business Day at the Faculty of Philology. Face to face with an employers'. The project was created for students of the Faculty of Philology UG in partnership with O4 Coworking. Those with a good knowledge of foreign languages, open to new challenges and dream jobs underwent training in self-presentation and CV creation, which they learned to personalise with a particular employer in mind.

On May 26, the second stage of the project took place - meetings with employers in the form of speed dating, which were prepared for students who wanted to take their first steps into the labour market, check and develop their competencies with a perspective of a future employer. What was the Face to Face with Employer project about? Workshops and meetings had a competitive character. Students applied for workshops, and to the second stage of the competition - interviews with companies residing in OBL, persons whose competencies best matched the profile of companies that applied for speed dating and learned the most during the workshops on self-presentation, were selected.

'By organising recruitment speed dating, we managed to connect the world of employers with the world of students. The event allowed for a more conscious approach to recruitment by both the employer and the future employee. The 6-minute meetings are a quick test for both sides and an opportunity to say things which cannot be read in a job offer or a candidate's CV, as well as a chance to feel or even build the usual interpersonal chemistry,' - says Martyna Czarnobaj-Borawska, the event organiser on behalf of O4 Coworking. - 'Because apart from the values of a given company or interesting facts from a young person's life, in the end, it is always about people and their mutual good relations.'

The next edition of the Recruitment Speed Dating was organised by the Faculty of Philology of the University of Gdańsk in partnership with O4 Coworking Olivia Business Centre.

Networking, because that's what coworking is all about!

First, 30 fantastic students participated in workshops on preparing information about oneself and self-presentation, and then 20 of them competed for recruitment hearts of representatives of the following companies from Olivia Centre: Amazon, Arrow Electronics, Bayer, Develocraft, Europe Fujifilm, Invest in Pomerania, Randstad, Ricoh Europe, TELUS Business, Thomson Reuters, ThyssenKrupp, Xceedance Poland, ZR Trade.

'The project "Business Day at the Faculty of Philology. Face to face with employers" is an interesting and practical event, which allowed students to experience their first job interviews in a comfortable environment. The workshop is professional, dynamic, intensive and extremely practical, and the recruitment interviews themselves are an excellent exercise in real conditions and with a real business partner. It is an invaluable experience for a student who is beginning to think about his/her future in the labour market and often does not know in which direction to go. A philologist and a humanist is an ideal combination, and it can work perfectly well in the business world, which needs open-minded, creative and resourceful people equipped with soft competencies and who think according to the values of sustainable development. I think that this event has made students realise that this career path can be for them, and employers realise that a philologist has potential and can add a new dimension to their company,' - added dr hab. Joanna Jereczek-Lipińska, prof. UG, Deputy Dean for Education and Cooperation with the Environment, Faculty of Philology.

Speed dating recruitment - a huge benefit for everyone

'This is a great initiative and the experience I gained thanks to it seems invaluable. The course on how to write a CV, how to present yourself and tips on how to read job offers are very useful skills for anyone, and even more so for students taking their first steps into the job market. Thanks to you, this step seemed easier and more pleasant than I might have thought. The atmosphere was even relaxing and nice. I found out who employers are looking for. But most of all, I was able to face a challenge (a very enriching one, by the way) - knowing that I managed to do it gives me a greater sense of self-confidence, and I am very thankful for that,' -commented Sylwia, a UG student.

'I cannot imagine a better opportunity to get to know so many companies in such a short time and such a nice atmosphere. Thank you very much for organising the speed dating and preparing us to participate in it! The information from the previously organised workshops/lectures will certainly come in handy in later stages of recruitment or during subsequent job interviews,' - Julia, UG student

More information and a photo report from the workshop

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