Analysis of socio-economic conditions of studying and comparing them with conditions prevailing in nearly 30 European countries - this is the main objective of the next edition of the international research project EUROSTUDENT VIII. Participants of the following degree courses: first degree, second degree, master's and post-graduate studies are invited to fill in the questionnaire.

The cyclical survey, commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Science, captures trends, the knowledge of which is useful in shaping public policy in the higher education sectors. In total, at least 10,000 students will be surveyed.

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The survey (available until the end of June this year and taking about 20 minutes to complete) is open to all participants of the following types of degrees: bachelor, master, post-graduate, full-time, part-time and distance learning.

The methodology of the survey is supervised by a team consisting of representatives of all participating countries, led by researchers from Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. Poland is participating in the project for the fifth time.

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Additional information and answers to questions will be provided by the research team of PBS in Sopot, responsible for the implementation of this study. Contact:

EMW / Press Office UG