Majors implemented by the University of Gdańsk in the Ranking of Majors (RKS) Perspektywy 2022

On 22 June 2022, the results of the Perspektywy Ranking of Higher Education Institutions and Ranking of Courses of Studies were officially announced. The University of Gdańsk, similarly to the general ranking, also here recorded an improvement in the position of individual majors. 

Majors conducted at the University of Gdańsk - evaluation of RKS 2022

The improvement of the position of the majors conducted at the University of Gdańsk noted after the publication of the Perspektywy 2022 Ranking of the Faculties of Studies, gives reasons for satisfaction.

Biotechnology, conducted at the Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology UG and GUMed, went up by two places and found itself on the podium, taking third place after the Jagiellonian University and the University of Warsaw. The uniqueness of the faculty and its specificity (due to the fact that it is taught at two universities) required a special methodological approach and a non-standard evaluation system, which thanks to the hard work of the students, was worked out to such an extent that the faculty was finally appreciated and appropriately highly evaluated.

Spatial Management was also highly rated - the programme implemented at UG moved up one place in relation to the previous year and was placed in the third position, just behind the offer of UW and UAM, and before similar courses implemented at PG and UJ.

These are the two highest marks achieved by the faculties run by our University.

The fourth place among the faculties conducted at Polish universities went to Environmental Protection (maintaining the position from last year) and Biology (promotion by one position). Fifth place was awarded to Philosophy (up by three positions), History and Psychology (two places up), Sociology (one place higher than last year), and Cultural Studies (maintaining its position from last year).

Collectively, for all of the evaluated faculties at the University of Gdańsk, 15 cases of improvement of the ranking position were noted, 6 faculties kept their last year's positions, and 7 were rated lower than last year.

Present at the ceremony of announcing the results and handing out the diplomas, the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Education Quality, dr hab. Arnold Kłonczyński , prof. UG, evaluated that: - 'The high position of the majors conducted by the University of Gdańsk, and especially the increased position of several of them, is a result of program changes carried out in recent years, closer relations with the socio-economic environment and the efforts of the university staff to ensure the highest quality of classes, creation of interesting and up-to-date teaching materials and drawing on the experience of foreign partners. Students' opinions on the curricula and the way they are implemented are also important, because thanks to their involvement and cooperation with representatives of companies, social and economic organisations and local governments, we are getting better and better.'

About the Perspektywy 2022 Ranking of Majors

In the 2022 ranking, the team appointed by the monthly magazine "Perspektywy" evaluated 73 groups of fields of study (two more than last year) in 9 areas, including the humanities, social sciences, economics, science, natural sciences, technology, medicine and health, as well as agriculture, forestry and veterinary (no art faculties were evaluated).

Majors included in the Ranking must have at a given university an offer of full-time Master's studies or second-cycle full-time studies, ensuring the possibility for students to continue their education after completing the first-cycle studies in the same field (the exception is lifeguarding medicine). The unit providing a given field of study must have at least one authorisation to confer a doctoral degree, regardless of the field and discipline of science.

The ranking assessment consists of 12-13 indicators grouped into six criteria. The weights of individual indicators vary - depending on the specifics of the faculty.

The exact methodology of the Study Directions Ranking 2022 is available at:

Full results of the ranking of fields of study are available at:

Katarzyna Gregorowicz - Bielawska, Proxy of the Rector for Rankings