We would like to invite you to the panel 'Faces of young science'. The panel, which will take place on July 7, 2022 in Room S208 in the Faculty of Social Sciences, will explore the career paths of young, outstanding scientists who have significant achievements despite their age.

Guest speakers will talk about what they faced when starting their careers, what scientific challenges and institutional obstacles they encountered in the course of preparing their dissertations and what reflections they have as a result. There will also be time for questions and discussion from the audience.

The panel will include:

dr Paweł Atroszko - Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychometrics and Statistics IP WNS UG. Supervisor of the Experior Psychological Research Club. In his scientific activity he devotes himself to the problems of work and learning addictions.

dr Wacław Kulczykowski - Doctor of archaeology at the Faculty of History, University of Gdańsk. His research interests concern medieval and modern city water supply systems. Finalist of the Populizer of the Year 2020 competition organised by the PAP Science in Poland service and the Ministry of Education and Science. In 2017, he was awarded the Jan Uphagen Award of the City of Gdańsk for Young Scientists in the category of humanities and social sciences.

dr Karolina Pierzynowska - Assistant Professor at the Department of Molecular Biology, Faculty of Biology, UG. In her scientific work, she seeks new therapeutic strategies for genetic and neurological diseases.

dr inż. Piotr Sliż - Assistant Professor at the Department of Management Systems, Faculty of Management at UG. In his scientific activity, he focuses on process organisation issues and modern ICT technologies

dr Agnieszka Ważna - assistant professor at the Department of Transport Economics, Faculty of Economics, UG. Academic teacher with 10 years of experience. She develops her research interests primarily in the fields of passenger transport, urban mobility, shared mobility and micromobility.

The panel launches the 2nd Congress of Young Science, a multidisciplinary conference to be held from July 7–10 at UG. For more information, visit www.kongresmlodejnauki.pl

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