Dr Magdalena Łągiewska with a prestigious ILA scholarship. The lawyer presented a paper at a conference in Lisbon

Dr Magdalena Łągiewska from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the UG took part in the 80th International Conference on 'International law: our common good' organised by the Portuguese branch of the International Law Association (ILA). The lawyer delivered a paper entitled 'Digitisation of International Courts', in which she discussed the issue of digitisation of international courts as well as the Chinese concept of 'smart courts'. 

'The theme of the conference - "International Law - the common good" - could not be more relevant to the current times,' - UN Secretary-General António Guterres said at the opening ceremony. The event ran from June 19 to 24, 2022. It was the first edition since the beginning of the pandemic to be held on a stationary basis.

dr Magdalena Łągiewska

dr Magdalena Łągiewska

Thanks to a prestigious ILA scholarship, the conference was also attended by dr Magdalena Łągiewska, who presented a paper entitled. 'Digitisation of International Courts'. The speech aimed to point out the advantages as well as the risks of the digitisation of courts and to comment on the latest developments applied in international commercial and investment arbitration. - 'I also presented issues related to the Chinese concept of "smart courts", as well as touched on the specifics of the digitalisation of international courts such as the International Criminal Court,' - says the lawyer. 

The event was attended by global experts in international law. Many topical issues were discussed, including the use of force, global health and rising sea and ocean levels. In addition to the panel of experts, there were panels of 'Young Scholars' who addressed the latest trends in new technologies and the law of future generations. 

'Participating in the Fellowship allowed me to meet eminent international law specialists and to hold discussions and exchange opinions in an international forum. It is an extraordinary opportunity for so many enthusiasts of the subject to meet in one place,' - dr Magdalena Łągiewska sums up her trip.

Marcel Jakubowski / Press Office UG