Sławomir Leśniak as professor of humanities

By virtue of the decision of the President of the Third Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda, dr hab. Sławomir Leśniak, prof. UG from the Department of German Literature and Culture at the UG, was awarded the title of professor of humanities. 

'The professorial nomination is for me one of the nicest moments on my scientific path. I am pleased that my individual and often unpopular activities in the field of humanities have been recognised by the scientific community. It is also one of the stages that allows me to take on new challenges. I feel grateful to all those who have contributed to this,' - says the newly appointed prof. dr hab. Sławomir Leśniak. 

As the most important achievement that led him to the Belvedere professorship, prof. Sławomir Leśniak mentions his latest book Niewysłowione bycie wiersza. Three mimetic forces in the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke. (Gdańsk 2021, słowo/obraz terytoria).

We congratulate the new professor and wish him further success on his academic path!

prof. Sławomir Leśniak fot. Słowo/Obraz/Terytoria

prof. Sławomir Leśniak fot. Słowo/Obraz/Terytoria

Marcel Jakubowski / Press Office UG