Prof. dr hab. Dariusz Szlachetko: the ecological disaster will only accelerate

Sustainable Development Goal 15 - Life on land is the topic of a conversation with prof. dr hab. Dariusz Szlachetko, Dean of the Faculty of Biology at the University of Gdańsk. How does climate change threaten tropical forests? What does nature conservation look like in Poland? Answers to these and many other questions can be heard in an interview in the series University Conversations on Sustainable Development. 

The Centre for Sustainable Development at the University of Gdańsk popularises research results and teaching and project activities related to the sustainable development of University of Gdańsk scientists, teachers, PhD students and students as part of the University Conversations on Sustainable Development programme. The project is carried out based on interviews, presentations and popular science articles with the indication of source materials.

This time, prof. dr hab. Dariusz Szlachetko, Dean of the Faculty of Biology of the University of Gdańsk, Head of the Plant Taxonomy Laboratory of the Department of Plant Taxonomy and Nature Conservation of the Faculty of Biology of the UG, was invited to join the conversation.

The interview was conducted by Szymon Gronowski, an employee of CZRUG.


Szymon Gronowski/ CZRUG