University activities not just for students. Biotech Week at IFB UG & MUG

There is still plenty of time until the new academic year begins, but classes at the Interuniversity Faculty of Biotechnology UG & MUG have already started. For a whole week from 19 to 23 September, secondary school students explored the world on a micro scale, taking part in workshops and lectures led by experienced scientists. 

- 'We want to share our passion for science with the students. To show the fascinating world of scientific discoveries and bring them closer to breakthroughs that serve to improve health and quality of life. That is why we have created a brand new initiative - Biotech Week,' - said IFB UG & MUG dean dr hab. Ewelina Król, prof. UG.

The students, who will soon be facing their choice of studies, saw what it is like to work in a modern laboratory. During the workshop, they isolated proteins from jellyfish and prepared their own yeast-based preparations, which they could then view under a microscope. While performing these tasks, the secondary school students used specialised laboratory equipment such as burners and automatic pipettes. The meetings were conducted by dr Dorota Pomorskadr hab. Szymon Ziętkiewicz and dr Agnieszka Kłosowska.

Theoretical classes were also held each day. Dr Alicja Chmielewska from IFB UG & MUG told the participants about viruses. The biotechnologist explained to the audience, among other things, how these microorganisms function and how they can be 'seen' in the laboratory. The topic of the presentation was also how to immunise the body against viral infections, i.e. vaccines.

'The simplest definition of a virus is to call it a "recipe in a package". The recipe is the genetic material, which is in the form of DNA or RNA. The packaging, on the other hand, is designed to introduce this recipe into a cell, which will produce further viruses,' - explained dr Alicja Chmielewska. 

The initiative aims to show young people what the work of a biotechnologist looks like and to encourage them to study at IFB UG & MUG. The event was attended by high school graduates and those who will face their matriculation exams in a few years' time.

Photos by Marcel Jakubowski
Marcel Jakubowski / Press Office UG