Meeting of the ULO Programme Board

Photo by Katarzyna Kopańczyk

On September 30, the first meeting this year of the school's Programme Council, appointed by the Rector of the University of Gdańsk prof. dr hab. Piotr Stepnowski, was held at the new premises of the Paweł Adamowicz University Secondary School in Gdańsk. Planned activities for the school and the involvement of the Fahrenheit Universities under its patronage were discussed.

The meeting was attended by dr hab. prof. UG Arnold Kłonczyński, Vice-Rector of UGdr Piotr Szeląg, Vice President of Positive Initiatives, dr hab. Małgorzata Grembecka, Head of the Chair and Department of Bromatology at GUMed, dr Barbara Wikieł, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs at PG, ULO Director Waldemar Kotowski and Deputy Director for ULO Development dr Michał Kierzkowski.

Detailed issues concerning the activities of FarU member universities for the benefit of the School were discussed, such as, among others: students' participation in academic classes, lecturers' involvement in additional activities and interest clubs taking place at ULO, or mentoring care. The participation of students in initiatives, projects and events carried out by the umbrella universities was also addressed. It promises to be a busy year ahead for everyone.