Members of the Parliament visited Professor Krzysztof Skóra Hel Marine Station of the University of Gdańsk Institute of Oceanography

On 21 September 2020, Professor Krzysztof Skóra Hel Marine Station of the University of Gdańsk Institute of Oceanography hosted the group of Parliament Members who visited Hel for consultative  meeting with Puck district local government officials. The following politicians were among the guests: Małgorzata Kidawa-Błońska – Deputy Speaker of the Polish Parliament, Sławomir Rybicki – Senator, Barbara Nowacka – Parliament Member, Kazimierz Plocke – Parliament Member, Marek Rutka – Parliament Member and Magdalena Adamowicz – European Parliament Member.

The purpose of the visit was to look into the issues of state and protection of Polish Baltic waters, Bay of Puck in particular. The guests were welcomed by dr hab. Waldemar Surosz, prof. UG, Dean of the Faculty of Oceanography and Geography, the university unit that owns Hel Marine Station. Later,  dr Iwona Pawliczka vel Pawlik, Head of the Marine Station, presented the facility, nature of its operations, research and education potential and profile. She indicated the most crucial issues of marine environment protection, which require action at both national and Pan-European decision-making levels. Mgr inż. Bartłomiej Arciszewski, from Marine Station, showed the guests how unique Baltic Sea actually is and later focused on overexploitation’s threats – destruction of marine habitats, excessive exploitation of species and eutrophication (‘excessive  plant and algae growth in water’) and increasingly important topic lately - climate change. Guest and hosts agreed that the cooperation between Parliament Members and researchers is crucial in order to create effective legislation for marine environment and also declared willingness for future consultative meetings concerning more specific issues.

Parlamentarzyści RP w Stacji Morskiej UG
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