SEA-EU: the next webinar for young researchers as part

The European University of the Seas (SEA-EU), within the ReSEArch-EU project, invites you to the next webinar for young researchers as part of the Spin-Off Competence Lab - a virtual training program aimed at enhancing the skills of SEA-EU researchers to develop entrepreneurial initiatives based on their fields and research projects.


On 9.11.2022 at 11:00 a.m. we invite you to the webinar entitled: ‘Grant funding and participatory funding’, which will be hosted by Russel Smith from the University of Malta (webinar registration)

On 11.11.2022 at 11:00 a.m. the webinar entitled: ‘Speculative Design’ will be held, presented by Ivica Mitrović from the University of Split (webinar registration).


The lectures will be held in English.

Registered participants will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the training, while you can also watch the seminars in real time on the SEA-EU Alliance's YouTube channel.

For more information on upcoming events visit the Spin-off Competence Lab website.


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