PLN 1.5 million from LIDER Program for UG’s dr Illia Serdiuk

Na zdjęciu dr Illia Serdiuk z Wydziału Matematyki, Fizyki i Informatyki Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego

‘Two current problems, one solution: improved organic materials for OLED and photogeneration of hydrogen’ Project, led by dr Illia Serdiuk from the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of the University of Gdańsk, has been listed as qualified for funding within the scope of LIDER XI Program. Total amount of funds granted by the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR) is PLN 1.5 million.

The project tackles two current issues: improving ’all-organic’ OLED technology in terms of red range and near-infrared range (NIR) and developing technology to generate hydrogen from water with the use of organic catalysts and a renewable energy source – solar power.

The special emphasis on organic materials being cheap, efficient, easily disposable and with little toxicity will reduce price and will advance launching of eco-friendly, flexible, light, transparent smartphones and OLED displays, as well as finding new solution to extracting clean fuel of the future, hydrogen being regarded as such.


Translation: Adam Myzyk


Grafika do projektu pt. „Dwa aktualne problemy, jedno rozwiązanie: udoskonalone materiały organiczne do OLED i fotowytwarzania wodoru”
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