Students behind and in front of the camera. Welcome to the Cinerama film festival.

Male and female students express themselves artistically in many ways. Some of them write, publishing, for example, in the student art collection Almanax, while others make films, which will already be presented on 17 and 18 November in the auditorium of the UG Library during the sixth edition of the Cinerama Festival. 

- 'This year's edition is exceptional. The festival is changing its formula. Abandoning the current theme of new media, we have opened the event to all independent student films,' - write the organisers of the event.

Kadr z filmu „Króliki” Adrianny Zielonki. 

A frame from the film 'Rabbits' by Adrianna Zielonka.

Cinerama is organised by the Andrzej Wajda Film Centre UG, the students of Film and Audiovisual Culture and Audiovisual Production at UG, but the event is not limited to the academic community of our university. This year, the organisers have qualified 40 films for the competition from, among others, Kraków and Łódź. Among those admitted to compete are long and short forms, documentaries, features and experiments. Here are some of them:

Pixelman controls all sorts of objects with one snap, but can the world be put in order? - 'PIXELMAN' - dir. Adam Pliszka, Julia Jaros, Bernard Kiedrowicz, Marta Zaparucha

Animation based on a short story by Julio Cortazar. - 'Rabbits', dir. by Adrianna Zielonka

A debut personal documentary made at home. An intimate and frank conversation with a young man and his loved ones. How do parents, grandmother and siblings feel when a person close to them comes out to them? The story of everyday life for transgender people. - 'PronoMen', dir. by Igor Król

The selected films will be presented in five blocks, but there are still additional highlights in the festival programme. On the first day of the festival, Octopus Film Festival organisers Krystian Kujda and dr Grzegorz Fortuna will talk about cult cinema at 6:20 pm. And Cinerama participants will be able to wait for the final results in the company of stand-up artists Natan Maciej Milaszewski and Tomasz Waberski.

At the end of the event, the jury consisting of Kamil Brylania włodarska (spelling at the request of the juror) and Marta Maciejewska will award gold, silver and bronze cassettes to the makers of the best films. The winner of the black cassette will be decided by the audience through ballots distributed before the competition screenings. 

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Marcel Jakubowski / Press Office UG