Students For Health - NZS invites you to webinars

The Independent Students' Union, which is active at UG, organised the 'Wampiriada' blood donation event on campus not so long ago and is now encouraging participation in a new initiative - Students for Health.

To meet the increase in illnesses associated with autumn, NZS is launching a new pro-health programme to improve the health - both physical and mental - of University of Gdańsk students.

'The idea for the event was born amid the pandemic when voices began to be heard that more and more young people were experiencing mental problems related to prolonged confinement at home, says,' - National Board HR Vice-President Krystian Rubajczyk about the campaign.

To take care of the condition of students at the university, as well as outside it, the NZS is offering a series of events related to mental health prevention. Interested parties can take part in free webinars, during which specialists will share their knowledge and experience.

'Specialists from a variety of fields have been invited to take part, but these are primarily psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists specialising in different areas. Dietitians and other professions concerned with mental balance can also be found in the offer of meetings,' - continues Krystian Rubajczyk.

The initiative is proving very popular.

The next webinar, dedicated to eating disorders, will take place on November 29, 2022, at 6 pm and will be hosted by a psychologist with many years of experience - Renata Chronowska.

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NZS Studenci dla zdrowia
Aleksandra Kuś, student of Journalism and Social Communication