Visit of a delegation from the University of Gdańsk to Split

The completion of the first phase of the project and preparations for SEA-EU 2.0 are a period of intensive meetings of SEA-EU partner universities not only for administrative and scientific staff but also for rectors and deans. This time, as part of the SEA-EU job shadowing programme, a delegation consisting of the rectorial authorities of the University of Gdańsk, the deans of the Faculties: History, Social Sciences, Chemistry, Inter-University Faculty of Biotechnology and a representative of the SEA-EU office visited the University of Split.

During the meetings with UNIST authorities, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation dr hab. Anna Maria Jurkowska-Zeidler, prof. UG together with Vice-Rector for Students and Educational Quality dr hab. Arnold Kłonczyński prof. UG presented the process of internationalisation of research, education and teaching at the University of Gdańsk. One of the topics of the meeting was also further cooperation between the two universities within the SEA-EU alliance, the second edition of which starts in January 2023. Among the most widely discussed topics were issues of project management, university structure and SEA-EU 2.0 teams. It is worth mentioning that both universities will be jointly responsible for the 'European Campus Life' work package, which will aim to create inclusive, digital, ecologically interdisciplinary and innovative learning pathways.  

Aspects of cooperation at the level of local coordinating teams were also discussed at a meeting attended by Ivana Jadrić, head of the SEA-EU UNIST office, and Natalia Lubinska representing the SEA-EU office of the University of Gdańsk.  

The programme also anticipated bilateral meetings of the Deans of the Faculty of History, dr hab. Arkadiusz Janicki, prof. UG, the Faculty of Social Sciences, dr hab. Michal Harciarek, prof. UG with the authorities of the Faculty of Humanities in Split, as well as a visit to the Faculty of Chemistry and Technology of UNIST by the Dean of the Inter-University Faculty of Biotechnology, dr hab. Ewelina Król, prof. UG and the Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry, dr hab. Beata Grobelna, prof. UG.  

Talks at the level of the rector and dean authorities of the University of Gdańsk and the University of Split have allowed new paths for international cooperation to be developed and strengthened scientific exchange also at the level of individual faculties.