UGranie - new UG research club for fans of digital and analogue games

The use of games for educational and teaching purposes will be discussed by members of the new UG Digital and Analogue Games Research Club. The group's plans also include gamification activities. The organisational meeting of the club will take place on January 17 at 6 pm in the main hall of the UG History Faculty building.


From the left: Mikołaj Kornacki (Chairman), Magdalena Andres (Secretary), Szymon Kułdo (Vice-Secretary), Oliwier Chwalisz (Vice-Chairman)

'The idea itself had already emerged the previous year. I thought it would be good to have such a club, where students from every department of UG could come, play games, get to know new titles, talk about games, and maybe even participate in their creation, use in science and education,' - says Mikołaj Kornacki, chairman of the newly formed club. - 'I started to act and slowly put the idea in motion. Thanks to the help of dr Wacław Kulczykowski, who provided some of the games we needed and took care of the initiative, it was possible to form the club.'

The group was formed under the wings of the Faculty of History and with the support of the Dean, dr hab. Arkadiusz Janicki, prof. UG and the Centre for Student and Doctoral Activities UG. The tutor of the Club is dr Wacław Kulczykowski, an employee of the Institute of History, populariser of science, co-creator of the specialisation 'History in the media space' and the leader of the class 'History in games'.

The meetings of the club are aimed at all those who would like to get away from their studies, rush and approaching deadlines for finals. Alumni and university staff can also attend. - 'Everyone is welcome here, regardless of age or interests. We value openness and a friendly atmosphere,' - adds Mikołaj Kornacki. 

The group aims to popularise various branches of science using digital and analogue games, to promote the use of games for educational and teaching purposes, and to support Club members in the process of creating and publishing games. 

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