UG plays for WOŚP. Auctions for the 31st finale of WOŚP

Coffee with a psychologist in the morning, lunch with the Rector of the University of Gdańsk in the afternoon and an Adele Songbook concert by the University of Gdańsk Vocal Studio in the evening. See what else the academic community of our university has put up for auction at the 31st finale of WOŚP.


1. Cook dinner with the Rector, prof. dr hab. Piotr Stepnowski!

Join us for a culinary journey to Italy with... the Rector of the University of Gdańsk! Prof. dr hab. Piotr Stepnowski will prepare Involtini with Parma ham, pear and gorgonzola together with the winner. 

Involtini is the Italian term for all kinds of wrapped scions. In the case of this dish, they will be served with a delicious salty-sweet filling. Prepare them with the Rector on the UG campus and then enjoy the flavours together.




2. A popular science book autographed by the Nobel Prize winner (+ bonus) put up by prof. dr hab. Wiesław Laskowski()

The subject of the auction is a popular science book entitled. 'The Dance of Photons. From Einstein to Quantum Teleportation' by prof. Anton Zeilinger, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2022. The Nobel laureate has autographed the book. 

What is the book about? Many physicists have rated the entry as the best book popularising quantum physics and the quantum computing that grows out of it. The author very skilfully and clearly introduces the reader to further secrets of this field.

Who do I buy the book from? The book is being put up for auction by its first and current owner, Wiesław Laskowski. Professor of theoretical physics from Gdańsk and Vice-Rector for Scientific Research at the University of Gdańsk.

Bonus. If the book is auctioned for more than PLN 1,500, additionally prof. Wiesław Laskowski will give a small popular science lecture 'From Schrödinger's cat to quantum computers' for the winner of the auction.




Morning, 2022

acrylic on canvas, 120 × 100 cm

3. 'Morning' painting by prof. Aneta Oniszczuk-Jastrząbek

The subject of the auction is an acrylic painting by dr hab. inż Aneta Oniszczuk-Jastrząbek, prof. UG. The painting was inspired by her trips to coastal universities as part of the SEA EU programme, and is a continuation of an extraordinary series of works by the Professor created as a result of a project entitled 'SEA EU by the Sea'

The title of the painting 'Morning' refers to the awakening hope for a better tomorrow. After every hard night, a new day rises, bringing light and new challenges. The WOŚP represents an opportunity for those in need, as money donated to this worthy cause opens up a sea of possibilities. The sick get hope for a better tomorrow and another beautiful morning. 

The winner of the auction will also receive a curatorial tour and the opportunity to talk to the artist about her inspirations over coffee.

We encourage you to bid! It won't be long before a painting by the professor could be hanging in your home.



Dziekan WNS

Photo by Jakub Zboiński

4. Dinner with the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, dr hab. Michal Harciak, prof. UG.

You'll talk about neuropsychology, running the largest faculty at UG, or maybe just music, cooking or travel - the WNS Dean's guest at the dinner will have a wide range of conversation topics. 

Prof. Michal Harciarek conducts comprehensive interdisciplinary research on the brain. Last year, he examined, among other things, whether the Sars-Cov2 coronavirus disrupts the functioning of the right hemisphere and frontal attention system. 

'All roads lead to the brain,' - said the dean in an interview on the UG website. Why is this the case? Find out at the dinner!




5. Seal feeding at the Marine Station of the Institute of Oceanography of the University of Gdańsk in Hel

You are invited to bid for a visit to the Marine Station in Hel, where you will be able to take part in the feeding and medical training of a breeding stock of grey seals under the guidance of experienced animal caretakers, as well as learn about the work of scientists on harbour porpoises. 

The UG Marine Station named after prof. Krzysztof Skóra is a unique place. The scientific field station of the Institute of Oceanography at the University of Gdańsk is mainly involved in research and didactics on the nature and conservation of the Baltic Sea. Another part of the complex, the seal sanctuary, which is the site of an active grey seal conservation project and serves for research and education, is also very popular, especially in the summer. It is the main attraction of our auction - the person who bids for a visit to the Marine Station will have a unique opportunity to meet a seal eye to eye!

You are welcome to bid!

PLEASE NOTE: only persons of legal age may take part in the seal feeding.




6. 'Biotechnological power of amber'

The Interuniversity Faculty of Biotechnology UG and MUG, in cooperation with the Faculty of Biology UG, invite you to a workshop on the biotechnological properties of amber.

Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of amber during a walk through the exhibition 'Life in the Forest of Amber' prepared at the Museum of Inclusion in Amber at the Faculty of Biology of UG, and then take a peek into the biotechnology laboratory at the Inter-University Faculty of Biotechnology of UG and MUG to play the role of a scientist exploring the secrets of the 'stone of life' and prepare an amber peeling elixir with your own hands.

Age: 15+

The offer is designed for a group of up to max. 10 people who want to learn about the biotechnological power of amber.

Workshop leaders: dr n. med. inż. Dorota Pomorska (IFB UG and MUG) and employees of the IFB Museum of Inclusions in Amber (museum curator dr Elżbieta Sontag, palaeontologist mgr Błażej Bojarski)

Date to be agreed with the winner of the auction.

Bid on this unique attraction for your family and friends and learn together about the biotechnological power of amber!




7. Day in the UG amber laboratory

The subject of the auction is an intensive one-day course on fossil resins conducted by a team of scientists from the Faculty of Biology at the University of Gdańsk in the 'Paleontological Laboratory of Fossil Resins'. 

The course is led by dr Elżbieta Sontag and mgr Błażej Bojarski from the Museum of Inclusions in Amber, UG

The offer is designed for a group of up to five people who want to learn about Baltic amber and other fossil resins from a scientific perspective. 

The course includes: 

  • a professional lecture during which the most important facts and the latest theories on the formation of fossil resins and the fossils they contain will be presented.
  • a course on the preparation of inclusions and the grinding and polishing of Baltic amber using specialist equipment as well as homemade methods.
  • a visit to the 'Life in the Forest of Amber' exhibition
  • Date to be agreed with the auction winner.




8. Visit to the University of Gdańsk research vessel RV Oceanograf in the harbour

See the most modern marine research vessel in Europe!

The subject of the auction is a unique opportunity to take an individual tour of the University of Gdańsk's scientific research vessel RV Oceanograf. Your guide on this research vessel will be dr Jakub Idczak, who, during an approximately one-hour tour of the vessel, will demonstrate the vessel's research capabilities, including the specialised measuring apparatus used to study the sea. 

Groups of up to 5 persons are welcome.



Wybierz się w rejs statkiem naukowo-badawczym Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego R/V Oceanograf!

9. Take a cruise on the University of Gdańsk research vessel RV Oceanograf!

Take part in our auction and go on a cruise on the University of Gdańsk's scientific and research vessel RV Oceanograf! During the expedition, dr Jakub Idczak will demonstrate the capabilities of the UG vessel, including the specialised measuring equipment used in marine research. The voyage route leads over a wreck lying on the bottom of the Gulf of Gdańsk, which will be an opportunity to record hydroacoustic data showing the location of the sunken wreck.

Duration of the cruise: 5-6 hours.

A maximum of 5 people can be taken on the cruise.



prof. Tomczak

10. Conducting lesson with prof. dr hab. Marcin Tomczak

Consultation with the extremely experienced conductor, pedagogue, prof. Marcin Tomczak.

Duration of the lesson: 45 minutes.

Class date: to be determined individually.

Surely everyone has ever waved their hands to the rhythm of the music, imagining a symphony orchestra in front of them. Now you have the opportunity to practice conducting with a professional! 

We offer classes with the extremely accomplished conductor Marcin Tomczak, who has been leading the University of Gdańsk Academic Choir for 30 years and has educated generations of conductors at the Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdańsk. 

Place: The building of the Academic Cultural Centre of the University of Gdańsk, ul. Wita Stwosza 58, Gdańsk. 

Offer for persons over 16 years of age.




11. Personalised Happy Birthday sung especially for you by the UG Choir

Personalised Happy Birthday to you by the UG Choir

Especially for you or someone close to you, the UG Academic Choir will sing 'Happy Birthday' and send a personalised video to the indicated e-mail address on your birthday. 

Akademicki Chór UG is one of the most respected academic choirs in Poland. It has been in existence since 1971 and invariably presents a very high level of performance. It has won many awards at Polish and international festivals and competitions, travels, gives active concerts and is not afraid of interesting challenges.



Adele Songbook

12. Two tickets for the Adele Songbook concert + Marta Burdynowicz on February 17, 2023, at the Kashubian Philharmonic in Wejherowo!

The subjects of this auction are two tickets for a concert to be held at the Kashubian Philharmonic in Wejherowo. The greatest hits from Adele's repertoire (e.g. Someone like you, Rolling in the deep, Rumour has it) in specially prepared arrangements will be presented by as many as 9 vocalists and a 4-person music band.

The special guest of the concert will be Marta Burdynowicz, hailed as the Polish Adele, winner of The Voice of Poland in 2021, who can be admired, among others, on the stages of Musical Theatre in Gdynia, Poznań and Łódź, as well as in Syrena Theatre and Rampa Theatre.

It will be an unforgettable evening with the works of the 15-time Grammy Award winner - in the interpretation of outstanding Polish singers of the young generation.

You are welcome to bid!




13. Vocal consultation with the leader of the UG Vocal Ensemble.

Consultation with vocal instructor Krzysztof Majda.

Class duration: 60 minutes

Place: The building of the Academic Cultural Centre of the University of Gdańsk, ul. Wita Stwosza 58, Gdańsk 

Offer for people over 10 years of age. 

Do you like singing? Would you like to start your singing adventure, but don't know how? Or maybe you have been performing on stage for some time and would like to develop your technique? Bid for vocal consultations with Krzysztof Majda and get professional advice.

We offer one-hour classes with an experienced vocal teacher who will help you both in your beginnings and guide you to the next stage of your vocal passion. During the consultation you will be able to work on: vocal emission, breathing, diction, specific repertoire or any other issue you decide to address. During the class, you will gain the knowledge and tools you need to work on stage.



14. Zostań gościem Radia MORS!

14. Become a guest of Radio MORS!

Become a guest of Radio MORS! Learn the ins and outs of being a radio host from both sides. Undergo special technical and factual training so that you can use the radio equipment and play with your voice. Also, test yourself as a sound engineer and sit behind the mixing console. See how a playlist of songs is put together and how a news service is created. 

You are welcome to bid!




15. Private film screening at DKF Miłość Blondynki

Would you like to watch a good film on the big screen with your closest friends? Or maybe you fancy a relaxing cinema evening with friends? 

In this year's auctions for WOŚP, the UG Miłość Blondynki Film Discussion Club is putting up an opportunity to bid for a private film screening. The person who wins will invite their guests to the sensation. The organisers will take care of the atmospheric ambience and offer a film surprise. 

The screening will take place in the cinema hall on the UG campus, on a date jointly chosen with the auction winner. In addition to the excitement of the film, the cinema package also includes popcorn and film goodies from the UG Miłość Blondynki Film Discussion Club!

Feel free to bid! Bid on a film screening just for you!

To be used until the end of 2023.




16. HolisticHORSE - Become part of the horse herd for two hours!

Meet the Herd.

Horses practice mindfulness in a herd-like way every day and through this develop the art of being together as a group. Their seemingly simple life is a constant process of group negotiation. Nature prompts horses to run away from danger, but above all to seek a peaceful coexistence that is open to messages from others - a safe herd is a relaxed horse.

We would like to invite you to bid for a two-hour meeting with dr Magda Gajewska from the Institute of Sociology UG, horse Rudolf and dog companion Betty in Bielkówko, who will show you around the stable and paddock area, get to know the horses in the herd, take you on a horse-and-dog walk, which will be intertwined with cleaning, feeding and stories about horse life, as well as playing with the dog and optional attentiveness training under the guidance of an instructor.




17. Coffee (and exhibition!) with a psychologist. Let's have a chat over coffee!

Dr Agata Rudnik from the University of Gdańsk's Academic Psychological Support Centre invites you for coffee and cake at the Przelewki café in Oliwa and a walk together to the modern art exhibition at the Abbots' Palace.

Talk to a qualified psychologist about whatever's on your mind: perhaps a problem you've had in your head recently, a loss you've experienced or stress you're feeling. Or maybe something is making you sad or particularly irritating, or you've just wondered who a psychologist is and what they do and you'd like to know more about the job? Or maybe you just fancy a coffee and cake in inspiring surroundings and cool company? The date is still to be decided so that it suits all parties. In addition, we will be going to the Abbotsford Palace to see an exhibition of works by Wojciech Fangor (until March 12 or at another later date). See you there!




Trening Wspinaczki

18. Training with the AZS University of Gdańsk sports climbing section

Would you like to see the world from a different perspective and at the same time support a fundraiser for a good cause? You are in the right place! Enter the climbing zone with the AZS UG section! AZS UG invites you to a 1.5-hour unforgettable adventure on a panel at the Alpha Centre in Gdańsk. You will learn how to tie a figure eight, what magnesia is used for and what 'those boulders' actually are. Above all, you will learn the secrets of effective climbing training and try your hand at the wall with the University of Gdańsk team! Don't delay, a few clicks and this fantastic training can be yours! Our training takes place on Wednesdays from 16:45 on the climbing wall 'Wspinalnia Alfa'. A training companion is welcome!



Zadbaj o swój kręgosłup z trenerem sekcji sportowej Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego!

19. Take care of your back with a trainer from the University of Gdańsk's sports section! 

Does your back hurt? Would you like to learn what to do and what not to do to have a healthy spine? 

Bid for individual healthy back classes prepared especially for you! 

After a short interview about your state of health, type of work, activity and possible infirmities or pain syndromes, Joanna Kania-Kot, a certified trainer and teaching staff member of the UG, will prepare a dedicated set of exercises for you. These will then be discussed in detail by her and practised by you together. 

The winner of the auction will leave the room after these classes straightened up, smiling, oxygenated, with a large dose of good energy and a lot of knowledge on how to maintain a healthy spine.  

You are welcome to bid!




20. Photo session in the costumes of the Jantar Song and Dance Ensemble

We invite you to bid for a unique photo session in the costumes of the Jantar Song and Dance Ensemble!

The session will result in a minimum of 10 photographs, which will be donated in digital form. The shots will be taken in two different costumes and there will be a choice of outfits in the following patterns: Łowicz, Cracow, Kashubian, Lublin and Rzeszów. The session is intended for a couple or one person.  

Place: The building of the Academic Cultural Centre of the University of Gdańsk, ul. Wita Stwosza 58, Gdańsk.

Session duration: up to 2 hours. Offer for adults.




21. The book by prof. dr hab. Stefan Chwin: 'Freedom Written After Yalta'.

In this year's WOŚP auction, the object of the auction is a unique - because it bears the author's signature - copy of the book, which is a collection of essays whose common denominator is the concept of freedom. 

'The author proves that Stalin prepared the ground for the creation of the European Union. He postpones the date on which Poland regained its independence. He suggests that MTV should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Suggests what it is better not to talk about in Poland. He reveals what we are really afraid of. He asks how to liberate ourselves from Poland,' - wrote dr Piotr Sitkiewicz about the book.

Professor Stefan Chwin looks at the social, political and also literary changes taking place in Poland after 1945. The book by this respected writer, who has been awarded many prizes in the fields of literary studies, Polish and European cultural studies, as well as literary and cultural studies, does not lack a critical and penetrating analysis of the Polish mentality after Yalta.

The book can be yours! We encourage you to bid for it!




Książka Tatiany Krynickiej: „Święty Mikołaj z Myr Licyjskich w świetle greckich i łacińskich źródeł starożytnych i średniowiecznych” Wydawnictwa Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego z dedykacją autorki.

22. A book by dr hab. Tatiana Krynicka, prof. UG: 'Saint Nicholas of Lycia Myra in the light of Greek and Latin ancient and medieval sources'.

For many of us, especially children, Christmas is a time of gift-giving brought by a corpulent, elderly gentleman in a red uniform - Santa Claus. However, before he embarked on his annual sky-high journey around the world on a huge sleigh harnessed to reindeer, Santa was known as a bishop, the patron saint of the poor and needy, traders and even wolves!

His history probably dates back to the turn of the 3rd and 4th centuries. St Nicholas was a preacher living and active in Lycian Myra. Throughout the centuries, more and more works have been dedicated to Saint Nicholas all over the world, writing about the miracles he performed, singing about his work in hymns, poems or legends. 

In the book being auctioned, Tatiana Krynicka draws on Latin and Greek ancient sources on Saint Nicholas. All those who also wish to explore his story and want to find out how it really was - are encouraged to bid for this book. This is a unique copy! Enriched with the signature of the author - one of the biggest Santa Claus fans in Poland!




Award won by AZS University of Gdańsk in the university classification of last year's Academic Championships of Poland.



PIŁKA Z AUTOGRAFAMI zawodniczek pierwszoligowego zespołu AZS Uniwersytet Gdański
Wylicytuj worek gadżetów UG!

26. Bid on a bag of UG goodies!

A torch, a multi-tool, a bicycle bell, headphones, a key ring, a lanyard, a mantelpiece and a T-shirt with the UG logo are just some of the goodies you can bid for in this year's WOŚP campaign! 

Bid for our promotional bag and add your contribution to the fight against sepsis!




compiled by MJ/Press Office UG, Agnieszka Beck/Communication and Promotion Centre, film by Mateusz Byczkowski/Communication and Promotion Centre