Schopenhaueralia 2023 - Philosophy for everyone


Do people have free will? Is life suffering? Do you think you know the answers to these questions, or do you have other thoughts related to the work of one of Gdańsk's most famous citizens? The UG Academic Club of Philosophers invites you to speak at the Schopenhauerlia 2023 student conference, with a theme in the person of Arthur Schopenhauer. The deadline for submissions is 22 January this year.

'The event is first and foremost a tribute to the great, yet little appreciated philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, born on February 22, 1788, in Gdańsk at ul. Św. Ducha 45, which is why the conference always takes place in Gdańsk close to the anniversary of his birth,' - say the organisers, members of the UG Scientific Club of Philosophers. This year, Schopenhaueralia is scheduled for February 24 and 25 at the Faculty of Social Sciences in room S207. 

The event provides a space for both young and more experienced philosophers and thinkers. However, presentation proposals can be submitted by anyone interested, not only members of the UG Institute of Philosophy.

The presentation need not be limited to the philosophy of the conference's namesake but should relate to it. The scope for presentation is large because the thought of Arthur Schopenhauer - the Gdańsk-born founder of the pessimistic current in philosophy and the first Buddhist in Europe - combines the philosophy of the West with that of the East. Schopenhauer believed that the world we get to know every day is a product of our mind and reflected on the foundations of human existence.

'The initiative to organise Schopenhaueralia was born many years ago, although it operated under a different name. It is a response to the fact that people reflect less and less on life and avoid asking difficult questions,' - say the organisers. - 'It is also an attempt to activate students and young people to reflect on the essence of human existence, contemplate internally, philosophise and learn the craft of short and concise public speeches.'

Test yourself as a speaker and send your speech submission with an abstract by 22.01.2023 (Sunday) via the form

Contact email:

Event organiser: UG Academic Club of Philosophers

Co-organiser: Humanity Plus Philosophy Foundation

Media patronage: Youth Council of the City of Gdańsk and the magazine Filozofuj!

Date of event: 24.12.2022 and 25.12.2022

Event venue: lecture theatre S207, University of Gdańsk, Faculty of Social Sciences, ul. Jana Bażyńskiego 4, Gdańsk



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