UG students on academic superstition

Ahead of the winter exam session, we asked University of Gdańsk students if they had heard of academic superstitions. Both newcomers and experienced students shared their insights.

The poll was inspired by Anna Stobiecka's text entitled 'Academic superstitions and customs' published in issue no. 3 of the journal of the University of Warsaw, which, with the permission of the author and the University's press officer, dr Anna Modzelewska, we have included at the end of the poll (pdf attachment). We encourage you to read it!

Rafał Filipek

Rafał Filipek, second-year computer science student (practical profile)

The midterm review is the most challenging time of the semester. Previously, I cared about my grades. Currently, I want to pass. This semester is the most difficult. It used to be enough for me to repeat material before an exam, but now I have to acquire knowledge individually. I haven't heard of any student prejudices. Some lecturers demand more, but their subjects can influence this.

Giulio De Lisi

Giulio De Lisi, 3rd year Eastern Studies student

In my first year, I heard a lot of student legends about the academic staff. I was expecting much stricter lecturers. Fortunately, I was proved wrong. Regarding the issue of exams, it was a scary time for me at the beginning, but I learned to approach it at the proper distance.

Od lewej: Sandra Leszczyńska, Julia Pierzchanowska

From the left: Sandra Leszczyńska, Julia Pierzchanowska

Sandra Leszczyńska, Chemistry and Psychology student.

I heard most superstitions and student legends in secondary school. As far as the saying "no stress, there are second chances" is concerned - a piece of advice from an older colleague - it's not worth approaching it that way because everything will be superimposed on the re-sit exams. Most superstitions and legends revolve around subjects that are difficult to pass. It all depends on the faculty as well, I study two courses, and the approach to students is fundamentally different.

Julia Pierzchanowska, Chemistry student

Regarding lecturers, I've heard the most opinions from the older years. Sometimes it works out. Everyone takes an individual approach; many academics who had the reputation of being extremely strict, for me, turned out to be kind.

Patrycja Grużewska

Patrycja Grużewska, first-year master's student, Biotechnology

The midterm exam period is a tough time for students. Some lecturers are more demanding, but I have yet to encounter them being unkind. Sometimes their approach is sarcastic, but every student understands this.

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Kaja Kuskowska, Oliwia Malczyk, Polish Philology, majoring in journalism.