March 9 - World Kidney Day at the University of Gdańsk


March 9 is World Kidney Day. This year, for the first time, the University of Gdańsk joined the international effort to spread knowledge about the kidneys, their essential functions, diseases of this organ and, in particular, the importance of preventive examinations.  

Kidney diseases are cunning. We must remember that kidneys do not hurt. Without experiencing symptoms, a person can lose up to 90% of their kidney function. For this reason, preventive screening is key. Without it, it will not be possible to detect problems early, before forms of renal replacement therapy such as dialysis or transplantation are needed. For this reason, we want to say loudly today: get tested!

To take care of our kidneys and check that everything is in order, it is enough to do a general urine test and measure the creatinine level in the blood.


On World Kidney Day, we organised activities to educate and draw attention to kidney health issues. We were the only university in Poland to register our event on the official Word Kidney Day campaign website.

As part of World Kidney Day at UG, we undertook the following activities:

  • we translated the original English-language information brochures into Polish.
  • On March 7, a flash mob took place on our campus, during which we jointly built 'living kidneys' visible from a bird's eye view. Members of our academic community were able to be together and act for an important cause. The photo taken promotes educational materials related to World Kidney Day at UG.
  • We invited a nephrologist, prof. dr hab. Przemysław Rutkowski, to the MORS radio studio. The expert told us why preventive examinations against kidney disease are important and how to care for the kidneys.

Each of us can get involved in World Kidney Day - get tested, drink water and, share our educational materials, let the knowledge go out into the world!


dr Judyta Borchet, Institute of Psychology WNS UG

The Centre for Sustainable Development UG team

The team of the Centre for Student and Doctoral Activities UG


Are you in a risk group? Find out more information:

text: dr Judyta Borchet, drone photo: Błażej Zabłotny, photos: Marcel Jakubowski