UG students awarded in the MEiN 'Pearls of Science' competition


The Ministry of Science and Higher Education has settled the first competition in the 'Pearls of Science' competition for student-led grant projects. Nearly 100 projects received funding as part of the program's first edition aimed at exceptionally talented graduates of first-cycle studies and students after completing their third or fourth year of unified master's studies.

The competition attracted 335 applications (the call lasted from January 4 to February 18, 2022). Of these, 98 winning projects were selected. Among the winners were four students from the University of Gdańsk:

Patrycja Bielańska received funding for her project entitled 'Newly isolated compounds from cave bacteria with antibiotic and anticancer properties';

- Aleksander Kazak gained funding for the project 'Political image of Poland in the assessment of Belarusian society after the crisis in Belarus 2020- 2023';

Kacper Pobłocki gained funding for the project 'New green post-metallocene catalysts in olefin polymerisation and biodiesel synthesis';

Michał Prusiński received funding for the project 'Application of plant extracts and metal nanoparticles against quarantine phytopathogens'.

The 'Pearls of Science' competition aims to support exceptionally talented first-degree graduates or students after their third or fourth year of unified master's studies.

A prerequisite for participation in the programme is, among other things, submission of a project whose cost does not exceed PLN 240 000 for a project in the field of science and life sciences, engineering and technical sciences, medical and health sciences or agricultural sciences, or PLN 200 000 for a project in the field of humanities, social sciences, theological sciences or arts. Project managers in the competition also receive remuneration at most PLN 3,000 per month.

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