Behind the scenes. Meeting with Piotr Biedron, actor of the Wybrzeże Theatre


We invite you to an open meeting with Piotr Biedron, an actor from the Wybrzeże Theatre, which will take place on March 27 (Monday) at 5 p.m. in the Theatre Hall named after prof. Jerzy Limon in the Neophilology building at the Faculty of Philology. The event has been organised by the UG Theatre Centre, named after prof. Jan Ciechowicz and the Brikolaż Academic Club of Theatre Studies as part of a series of theatrical encounters ZA KULISAMI [TN: Behind the Scenes].

Students of the second year of Theatre Knowledge will talk to Piotr Biedroń about his long-standing (and reciprocated) love for the Tricity stage, the process of working on a role, actor-director relations and his pedagogical work at the D. Baduszkowa Vocal and Acting Studio in Gdynia. The meeting will also focus on the behind-the-scenes of the creation of such plays as Amatorki (Amateurs)Śmierć komiwojażera (Death of a Salesman)Wesołe kumoszki z Windsoru (The Merry Wives of Windsor) and the cooperation with Ewelina Marciniak, Jan Klata, Mirosław Baka and Katarzyna Figura. We will also ask about the performative event Szymborska: collage, recently realised by our guest together with the Academic Cultural Centre ALTERNATOR.

Aktorzy i Aktorki

'Szymborska: Collage'. Pictured are actors and actresses playing the different faces of the Polish Nobel laureate.

'Different theatrical forms collide here. Performances will include: UG Vocal Studio, which will sing Szymborska's poetry, the "Kiosk Ruchu" Dance Theatre and nine Theatre Knowledge students who are our actors,' - said Piotr Biedroń, who acted as artistic supervisor of the project. 

Time was also scheduled for audience Q&A. 

Hosted by: Daniela Jagiełło, Klaudia Laskowska and Antoni Zander (second-year students of Theatre Knowledge)

Admission to the meeting is free.

When? March 27, 5 p.m.

Where? Theatre Hall, named after prof. Jerzy Limon, Neophilology building, Faculty of Philology

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