How to act and react to unethical behaviour and discrimination? Interview with prof. Maciej Nyka

How do you recognise that you are a victim of discrimination or unethical behaviour, who do you report to, and how will it be resolved? We discussed the new Policy Against Discrimination against Students and Doctoral Students, adopted at the end of 2021, in February 2022, with the Deputy Ombudsman for Equal Treatment and Anti-Bullying at UG, dr. hab. Maciej Nyka, prof. UG.

We invite you to read the interview in which prof. Maciej Nyka tells us what the first steps of dealing with unethical behaviour or discrimination at UG look like and why it is crucial to intervene whenever we see a problem.

'It is in everyone's interest that human relations are as good as possible'.



prof. Maciej Nykaa

prof. Maciej Nyka, photo: Paweł Sudara/GUMed

Title photo Paweł Sudara / GUMed, text Marcel Jakubowski/ Press Office UG