Hoisting history - April

We invite you to the European Solidarity Centre for the next event in the Hoisting History series. On April 13 at 6 p.m., dr Przemysław Ruchlewski will answer the question, 'Shipyard workers always with the party (?)'. On April 23, we invite you to a curatorial walk around the STOCZNIA exhibition. This time in the role of guide Karolina Lejczak - historian, co-creator of the permanent exhibition at the ECS, curator of historical and artistic collections, responsible for acquiring objects for the STOCZNIA exhibition.

The lectures were planned for the entire year 2023 as events accompanying the exhibition SHIPYARD. Man. Industry. City. Dr Magdalena Staręga talked about the creation of the exhibition, the series of meetings Hoisting History and the Gdańsk Shipyard as we do not know it in an interview on our website titled 'This is a place that is still alive.' 

April 13 (Thursday), 6.00 p.m.

lecture: Shipyard workers always with the party (?)

speaker | dr Przemysław Ruchlewski, historian, university lecturer, who researches, among other things, political life in the Gdańsk STOCZNIA, deputy director of the ECS for academic affairs

venue | ECS, pl. Solidarności 1 / STOCZNIA exhibition (ground floor)


www | https://ecs.gda.pl/wydarzenia/stoczniowcy-zawsze-z-partia/

Facebook event | https://fb.me/e/A8oh3fIo

wydarzenie Facebook |  https://fb.me/e/A8oh3fIo

April 23 (Sunday), 11.00 a.m.

CURATORIAL WALK | Karolina Lejczak

time | 75-90 minutes

age group | no less than 16 years

address | Gdańsk, pl. Solidarności 1 (entrance through the historic Gate No. 2)

meeting | at the ECS ticket office (ground floor)

ticket | PLN 10 https://bit.ly/3FZGpe5

www | https://ecs.gda.pl/wydarzenia/spacer-po-wystawie-stocznia/



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