Book of experiments by the Scientific Club of Chemists UG

Flaming foam, fake blood, cute pharaoh snakes, dry ice... Sounds like SFX? Well, no! These are examples from the 'Book of Experiments by the Scientific Club of Chemists UG'. Tomasz Swebocki, Agnieszka Manikowska, Elżbieta Adamska and Daria Łada write about how creative chemistry can be and how to encourage pupils and students to do it, as well as how to carry out chemical experiments safely yourself.

The book contains 60 experiment descriptions, most accompanied by the author's photographs and/or graphics. The open-ended formula works well as a script - pupils and students can write down insights from the chemical experiments they have carried out. The publication also includes technical notes on individual experiments, which point out potential risks when experimenting and provide alternative ways of performing some experiments. The Book also contains a list of reagents and explanations of the GHS pictograms, according to the international GESTIS database.

The publication of the 'Book of Experiments...' falls between the 50th anniversary of the UG and the 60th anniversary of the UG Chemists' Scientific Club. History buffs will, therefore, also find an abridged historical sketch of the Club.

We encourage you to watch the spot prepared by the authors of the book, in which they tell us what distinguishes the book, to whom it is addressed and... what chemical experience made the biggest impression on them.

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Milena Szabat / UG Publishing House