Tourism and Hospitality – new major at UG


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The Tourism and Hospitality field of study was created in response to growing economic, social, and environmental challenges that nowadays tourism industry is facing locally and globally. 

Tourism is one of the most important sectors of global economy (it is estimated that every 10th job is related to tourism) generating significant income but also contributing to many problems of the modern world. The Institute of Human Geography and Spatial Management at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Gdańsk decided to meet this challenge. Thus, we created a field of study in which the education of future employees of the tourism sector will be carried out in accordance with the overriding principle of caring for the well-being of residents of tourist destinations, postulates related to the protection of the natural environment and heritage and economic development based on a balance between the benefits and costs of tourism.

The two-year Master's degree in Tourism and Hospitality will be conducted entirely in English, which on the one hand will give graduates wider employment prospects and on the other hand will ensure a multicultural environment during studies, as recruitment is also open to foreign students.

The study program covers issues related to the field of spatial and social analysis methods used in tourism, social and cultural aspects of tourism and hospitality, tourist infrastructure, planning tourism development at the level of local government units and as part of entrepreneurial activity and creating sustainable tourist products. During the two-year study, students will have the opportunity to acquire skills necessary in the modern economy, such as creativity, critical and systemic thinking, and additionally competences related to the media communication and image creation. The study program includes field activities as well as an additional foreign language course.

Studies in the field of Tourism and Hospitality are addressed to graduates of bachelor's studies in such areas as: spatial planning, geography, sociology, tourism and recreation, hospitality, cultural heritage, management, or economics. It is worth emphasizing that due to the universal and interdisciplinary nature of tourism, people with diverse educational experience can apply.

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