Open up to the arts. PERSPECTIVES - 9 HILLS FESTIVAL

Nine hills, nine Apollonian muses and nine plays. Co-organisers dr Hanna Obracht-Prondzyńska from WNS and UG alumnus Piotr Murawski invite you to Chełmno for the PERSPECTIVES - 9 HILLS FESTIVAL - a celebration of theatre, film, music, photography, history, street art, fantasy and dance.

The festival, which will take place on the weekend of August 11-13, is an interdisciplinary celebration of art and animation activities that has been taking place in Chełmno since 2016. The nine hills on which the city is located and from which the event takes its name are patronised by nine Apollonian muses. Each is assigned one of the arts: the Art of the Past, the Art of Living, the Art of Hearing, the Art of Seeing, the Art of Space, the Art of Movement, the Art of Joy, the Art of Fantasy and the Art of Love. In this way, the festival combines events from theatre, film, music, photography, history, street art, fantasy and dance, with a Chełmno-based artist or artists becoming the face of each edition.

Every year, many local people - artists, animators, volunteers, members of foundations or associations - participate in organising the Perspectives - 9 Hills Festival. The space for concerts, exhibitions, installations and performances becomes the Chełmno open air and streets and churches, cellars and courtyards of the old town.

The festival weekend is when public spaces are transformed into spaces for theatres, exhibitions and installations, spotlights shine on gothic churches, transforming them into concert spaces, and city green belts become spaces for electronic music. During the event, the courtyards of the tenement quarters open up to visitors offering a whole range of attractions; city parks become zones of attractions for children, urban games, and LARPs take festival guests on a journey through the city's history.

The streets will be lined with more than 200 volunteers, young people and residents eager to show off their city and the event's uniqueness.

The co-initiator of PERSPECTIVES - 9 HILLS FESTIVAL is Piotr Murawski, a graduate of the University of Gdańsk. Since this year's edition, the organising team has also been joined by dr inż. arch. Hanna Obracht-Prondzyńska - an architect and urban planner passionate about seeking solutions to improve the quality of life in the city.