‘Active Uni 2023’ – activities for children of UG employees

Holidays are, on the one hand, a time for relaxation, but on the other hand, quite a logistical challenge to provide attractions and care for children. The initiative to solve this problem was once again taken by the UG Centre for Physical Education and Sport staff: Małgorzata Aftańska, Agnieszka Heimrath and Wojciech Pawicki.

'Active Uni' is an already traditional initiative of CWFiS and KU AZS UG to run a holiday course for the children of the University's employees. This year, two periods were held with an artistic and recreational profile and one with a football profile. As a result, 50 children aged 8 – 12 had the opportunity to spend a pleasant time not only integrating but also taking part in thematic activities conducted both at UG facilities and during field trips. Activities such as creating three-dimensional pictures from yarn, making their own jewellery and mascots, and trips to Jump City, the cinema and bowling, were very popular.

'We are very pleased that employees themselves are coming up with activities that go a little beyond our classic services. The holiday courses once again proved to be a hit and proved that it is worthwhile to support all activities aimed at making our employees' lives easier. Some participants took part in last year's edition, which makes us very happy as it shows that they want to return to us. I can reveal that those running the course are already planning next year's adventure,' says CWFiS UG Deputy Director Tomasz Aftański


We encourage you to take a look at the photo gallery of the practical classes.


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