University of Gdańsk's new image campaign. We are the only university in Poland to have used AI. For what? Check it out!


It will be all over before you know it.

You may not realise that NOW, but it’s important.

These moments – they are not to be missed,

Of which you are the author and the hero.

In the new image campaign of the University of Gdańsk, we present the story of five students: Szymon, Karolina, Oliwia, Krystian and Martyna. They, as well as others studying (or potentially studying) at our University, are Generation Z (Gen Z). This generation is distinguished by growing up in a world of new technologies; knowledge and skills are acquired online just as much as offline, and learning is often combined with activity in the labour market. Relationships are also vital, complementing the sense of personal satisfaction that is a marker of success for Gen Z. These characteristics of Generation Z formed the basis of the University of Gdańsk's new advertising campaign.

The campaign represents an entirely new approach to promoting a university. It focuses on the emotions that are experienced, both positive and negative. It is not afraid to show real feelings. Joy and fun are only one side of the study period, the other being stress or sadness. Gen Z values the truth and looks for reliable sources, which is why it was important for the campaign to show all the emotions – to paint an accurate picture of the university and the memories associated with it.

The commercial, which forms part of the campaign, refers to so-called core memories, i.e. memories of events that shape us: our personality, behaviour, and way of thinking. The emotionally charged material draws on the carpe diem idea, encouraging us to appreciate the moments we are in before they pass. Authenticity and emotions naturally influence the perception of success in both professional and private life.

Collaborating with the Visual Department Agency, we created dynamic material full of exciting shots, camera overlaps and quick transitions, adding 'reminiscent' shades at the colour grading stage. The commercial featured not only scenes from university life but also unforgettable moments associated with studying in the Tricity.

The University of Gdańsk was presented in a subtle way. It makes for the background, although in light of the above aspects, the essential background for our five protagonists. For it is here that significant memories are created – memories that cost nothing.

The new campaign is not just an advertising film. It is also the only AI campaign used by a university.  Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly changing the dynamic reality around us. It is entering many areas of our existence, assisting in everyday life, but also bringing many fears and uncertainties related, for example, to the labour market.

Using artificial intelligence in the campaign, with the help of which six different images were generated, is a deliberate measure. In this way, we wanted to show that we are well aware of the possibilities of new technologies but pay attention to authenticity (important for Generation Z): we are surrounded by the real world, authentic experiences, and genuine emotions. Real memories that AI cannot generate. Highlighting this fact, we branded the campaign with the phrase: 'This image was generated by artificial intelligence'. By doing so, we are communicating that the scenes presented in the materials – 'me during .... studying for the first session, first classes on campus, first day of university, first lecture' – are important moments from real student life, but the images reflecting them are fiction.  This expresses the slogan of our campaign: ‘You don't generate memories. You create them with us.’

This slogan is the linking element between the different forms of advertising, emphasising authenticity as the dominant element.

This is just the beginning of our new campaign. If you are in Gdańsk, keep your eyes open!

dr Tomasz Czuba, Head of Promotion Team UG