University of Gdańsk in THE WUR 2024 by subject. High 5th place for UG in Education and 3rd in Law among Polish universities

In the results of the World University Rankings 2024 by subject, published by the leading ranking agency Times Higher Education, the University of Gdańsk has once again not only maintained its position among the world's academic schools but listed for the first time in the new field of Education, ranked highly, at 5th place, among Polish universities. The 3rd place in the Polish classification in the field of Law is also a noticeable success.

The University of Gdańsk, like last year, was listed among the leading universities worldwide in the following fields: Arts and Humanities (range 601+), Business and Economics (801+), Social Sciences (801+), Life Sciences (601-800), Physical Sciences (1001+), and Psychology (501-600).

A novelty in the current edition is UG's presence in the field of Education (our university is ranked 601+ in the world and fifth among Polish universities).

'In this field, the ranking assesses, among other things, education and the training of university teachers. The University of Gdańsk, thanks to the Centre for Didactic Improvement and Tutoring, established on my initiative, continuously develops tutoring and supports academic teachers in, among other things, managing the education process and building academic career paths. Achievements such as the high rating in THE WUR ranking show that what we do, we do very well,' said UG Rector prof. dr hab. Piotr Stepnowski.

On the other hand, in the field of Law, the University of Gdańsk was ranked 251-300 out of 329 universities - leaders in legal sciences from all over the world. In this field, we were ranked 3rd in Poland behind the Jagiellonian University and the University of Warsaw (8 Polish universities are listed in the current edition in the field of legal sciences).

The ranking was published on October 26, 2023.


Complete results of this year's field edition of THE WUR by subject 2024 ranking:

 Arts and Humanities:

Business and Economics:



Life Sciences:

Physical Sciences:


Social Sciences:

Clinical and Health:

Computer Science:




Katarzyna Gregorowicz-Bielawska/BAiE UG, edit. MNG/ZP