UG student among the best economic journalists awarded by the NBP

For the eighteenth time, the National Bank of Poland gave Władysław Grabski awards to the best economic journalists. Kinga Wasilewska, a student of Management at the University of Gdańsk, won in the "Personal Finance and Economic Education" category. The prizes were awarded to authors and editorial offices who "explain complex issues in the world of the economy in an accessible and comprehensible way and contribute to increasing the level of economic knowledge of Poles".

Seven competition entries were awarded or distinguished - publications and programs published, aired or broadcast in national and local media from 30 September 2019 to 9 October 2020. This year, the competition jury did not choose the winner of the main prize, nor did it award the title of "Economic Journalist of 2020". Prof. Adam Budnikowski chaired the session.

The award in the "Personal Finance and Economic Education" category was won by Kinga Wasilewska, a second-year Management student in second-cycle studies at the Faculty of Management at the University of Gdańsk. She was recognized for creating a programme broadcast on TVP Bydgoszcz  Spiszmy się jak na rolników przystało! touching upon essential and current issues in farming and promoting the achievements of Polish agriculture and the contemporary farmer's image.

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Winners in other categories:

Monetary policy and financial stability

  • Stanisław Koczot, "Gazeta Bankowa", article Zapnijcie pasy, bądźcie gotowi!
  • An award for taking up a significant and current topic, as well as introducing the reader to the possible impact of the pandemic on the world economy - on the stability of the global financial system in particular.

Personal Finance and Economic Education

  • Kinga Wasilewska, TVP3 Bydgoszcz, programme Spiszmy się jak na rolników przystało!
  • An award for the educational value of the programme, as well as promoting the achievements of Polish agriculture and the image of the contemporary farmer.

Column or analysis

  • Filip Lamański, Economic Observer, article O co chodzi z Centralnym Portem Komunikacyjnym?
  • An award for an attempt to deal with the legitimacy of building the central airport in Poland and assessing the benefits of this project for the economy.
  • Krystian Kaźmierczyk, Telewizja Republika, programme Biznes Polska
  • Distinction for the variety of topics, their impressive selection and relevance.


  • Grzegorz Siemionczyk, "Rzeczpospolita", article Nie potrzebujemy więcej zasobów, by się rozwijać
  • An award for a comprehensive presentation of the prospects of raw material consumption and technological progress as conditions for sustainable world development. For an exciting and dynamic conversation, which shows the desired direction of humanity development in its economic aspects.

Regional issues

  • Anna Rudy, "Tygodnik Zamojski", article Czy ASF doprowadzi do upadku hodowli świń na Zamojszczyźnie?
  • An award for taking up the problem of animal production restrictions in the Zamość region and the potential effects of neglect in this area
  • TVP3 Rzeszów, for Regionalne tarcze antykryzysowe zrealizowany z cyklu Gospodarka w kwarantannie
  • Distinction for taking up a current topic of both local and national economic significance, and for the high practical value of the program.

Source:  NBP website     

Translation: Wioleta Karwacka

Press Office of University of Gdańsk