We collected over 35,000 PLN for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity!


The University of Gdańsk is once again breaking the record for the amount of money collected for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation. This time, thanks to auctions organised by the academic community, we managed to collect as much as PLN 35,416.99.

In 2020, when the UG played for the GOCC for the first time, PLN 8 630 was collected, which means that in four years, we managed to increase this result more than fourfold.  ‘I am very proud that, as a university community, we are again playing for the Orchestra. It is gratifying to see that each year, our auctions are more and more numerous and diverse. The University of Gdańsk Rector's Office and I are also keen to support GOCC, which is why we are very pleased that our initiative of participating in the Rector's College combined with a visit to the House of Pelplin Abbots was among the top three highest-ranking auctions,' says University of Gdańsk Rector, prof. Piotr Stepnowski.

Below are the top ten auctions that attracted the most bidders:

  1. An unforgettable cruise on the University of Gdańsk's scientific research vessel R/V Oceanograf (PLN 5100.00)
  2. Feeding the seals at the Marine Station of the Institute of Oceanography at the University of Gdańsk in Hel (PLN 4022.00)
  3. Participation in the Rector's College combined with a visit to the House of the Abbots of Pelplin together with the Rector's Team (PLN 3800.00)
  4. Preparing and eating pizza with the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences UG (PLN 2551.00)
  5. Meeting with World Champion Mariusz Wlazły over a cup of aromatic coffee (PLN 1775.00)
  6. A concert by the UG Vocal Studio - just for you and your guests (PLN 1526.00)
  7. A game of 'Boule' with the Vice-Dean of the UG Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science (PLN 1026.00)
  8. Pack full of original goodies from the SEA EU series! (PLN 1025.00)
  9. Relaxation weekend at the Recreation Centre in Łączyn (PLN 921.00)
  10. Inspiring Design Thinking workshops with facilitators for you or your Team (PLN 910.00)

‘As you can see, the amounts reached by some of the auctions are truly impressive. We have received a lot of positive feedback from the academic community, who have also praised the more affordable offers enabling more people to get involved in the auctions. All of this year's auction 'bricks' built up such a high sum to contribute to the GOCC account. Many thanks to the auctioneers and bidders for such commitment. Let's remember that good comes back,' summarises the coordinator of the initiative for the GOCC on behalf of the UG Agnieszka Beck from the Promotion and Contact with Sponsors Team.

This year's 32nd Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity was dedicated to purchasing equipment for diagnosing, monitoring and rehabilitating patients with lung diseases for pulmonology wards for children and adults.

Julia Bereszczyńska/Press Office