Professor Lech Mokrzecki's legacy handed over to the University of Gdańsk Archives


Notes, fiches, letters, photographs, and priceless books - a ceremony was held on the last day of January to hand over the legacy of Prof. Lech Mokrzecki (1935-2021) to the University of Gdańsk Archives. The rich historical materials and personal memorabilia are available in the Reading Room of the UG Archives.

After the scholar passed away, his heirs, Magdalena and Szymon Romer, decided to donate the creative output left by the Professor to the University of Gdańsk Archives. Among the donated materials are notes, fiches, letters, diplomas, acknowledgements, and photographs from private and business trips. The most significant part of the legacy comprises books, among which one can find so-called 'white prints' and unique items with dedications from authors or donors or handwritten notes by the Professor. The collection is supplemented by more than 16,000 slides documenting mainly the architecture of European cities from Lech Mokrzecki's travels. The donated legacy reflects the Professor's life, activities, and passions.


Lech Marian Mokrzecki was born on April 5, 1935, in Warsaw. His biography covers his childhood in Vilnius, his repatriation to Poland after the Second World War and his settlement in Toruń. In 1951, Lech Mokrzecki graduated from the Nicolaus Copernicus Gymnasium and Secondary School and then history at the Nicolaus Copernicus University. Under the supervision of Prof. Jadwiga Lechicka, he prepared his master's thesis on the peasant issue in Andrzej Zamoyski's code. At the same time, between 1947 and 1955, he attended a music school in Toruń, where he studied the cello. In addition, he studied at the State Higher School of Music in Sopot, obtaining the title of professional musician in 1962 and the Master of Arts in 1964. For many years, he worked as a history teacher and cello teacher in primary and music schools in Tri-City. He was also professionally associated with the State Opera and the Baltic Philharmonic. In 1965, he obtained full-time employment at the Higher School of Pedagogy in Gdańsk. Two years later, he received his doctoral degree; in 1975, he defended his habilitation thesis at the University of Gdańsk and was subsequently appointed associate professor. In 1986, he was appointed UG professor, and in 1993 - full professor at the University of Gdańsk. Lech Mokrzecki headed the Department of History of Science, Education and Upbringing at the Institute of Pedagogy at the University of Gdańsk for more than two decades, creating one of the most vibrant circles of historians of education and upbringing in the country. He was the author of over 500 scientific publications, including eleven monographs. He actively participated in scientific life, holding many important formal functions in the academic environment. He was a member of many national and international scientific societies and received many awards and honours for his scientific, teaching and artistic work. He died on July 26, 2021, leaving behind a significant scientific and pedagogical output and a mark in Polish and foreign history of science and history of culture.


The stocktaking process of the collection took almost two years, and the donation signing ceremony was celebrated with an exhibition presenting selected materials from the Professor's collection. The donated sources included diplomas for the award of doctoral and post-doctoral degrees, the act of conferring the title of professor and the text of a speech delivered during the reception of an honorary doctorate from Linköping University in 1998. The ceremonial acquisition of the legacy became an opportunity to share memories of the Professor, exchange information about the donated historical materials and honour the legacy that will enrich the University of Gdańsk Archives. The event was also attended by representatives of the University, including the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Education Quality, dr hab. Arnold Kłonczyński, prof. UG, and the Head of the Department of History of Science, Education and Upbringing, prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Jakubiak, as well as retired WNS staff: prof. Romuald Grzybowski, prof. Kazimierz Puchowski and dr Józef Żerko.

The legacy of Professor Lech Mokrzecki is available in the Reading Room of the University of Gdańsk Archives.

We would like to take this opportunity to encourage current and former Employees, Students and Alumni, as well as Supporters of the University of Gdańsk to donate to the University of Gdańsk Archives archival materials resulting from your activities connected with the University. Your kindness in this respect will make it possible to broaden your knowledge of the history of Gdańsk science, the history of the Region and the people connected with it. For more information, visit the Archive's website:

dr Monika Płuciennik, mgr Anna Siekierska, Marcin Janikowski