Between.Pomiędzy Research Group with the BIP course

Between.Pomiędzy Research Group co-organizes the Blended Intensive Programmememe course Choreographic project and collaborative work between the Science, Art and Creation as part of the SEA-EU programmemememe


February 12, 2024, saw the beginning of the Blended Intensive Programmememe (BIP) course, titled Choreographic project and collaborative work between Science, Art and Creation. The main organizers of the course are the University of Western Brittany in Brest (France), the University of Gdańsk (Poland), and the University of Split (Croatia). The course is run as part of the SEA-EU cooperation programmememe. For the University of Gdańsk, the event coordinators are dr. Katarzyna Pastuszak and dr. hab. Tomasz Wiśniewski, prof. UG, from the Department of Research on the Performing Arts, Institute of English and American Studies. Participants in the programmememe include students and lecturers from Gdańsk, Split, Malta, Cadiz and Kiel.


As part of the BIP course, on February 15, Tomasz Wiśniewski and Katarzyna Pastuszak gave a lecture, Between Bodies & Landscapes, in which they talked about the relationship between the body and landscape in performing arts. Tomasz Wiśniewski discussed activities organized over the past fifteen years as part of the Between.Pomiędzy Festival, carried out at the intersection of artistic practice and research. The lecture was an opportunity to summarize previous laboratory work, as well as the concept of theatre workshops with the participation of actors, students and researchers. Katarzyna Pastuszak, in turn, presented a practice as research case study focusing on her own work carried out last year as part of the Between.Pomiędzy Research Group. This prepared the students for the practical part of the course.


On March 13-19, Tomasz Wiśniewski and Katarzyna Pastuszak, together with a group of UG students, will visit Brest, where they will conduct the practical part of the course. It will also be an opportunity to develop further cooperation with partner universities. During their stay in Brest (in addition to theoretical and artistic classes), Katarzyna Pastuszak and UG students will participate in creative workshops towards the creation of a performance, which will be the crowning moment of the entire course. The premiere of the performance, choreographed by Elizabeth Schwarz, will take place on March 19, 2024, during the international RESSAC festival in Brest. Students from Gdańsk, Split, Malta, Cadiz and Kiel will participate in the performance.


Cooperation between the University of Gdańsk and the University of Brest was initiated in 2022 by Tomasz Wiśniewski and Christine Paillard. In 2023, five students from Brest took part in a practice as research performative workshop conducted by Katarzyna Pastuszak at the University of Gdańsk during the scientific conference The Geography of The Theatre Imagination. The workshop was titled Mapping Bodies, Landscapes and Relations: Practice Research Workshop and took place May 18th–20th May 2023, in the Jerzy Limon Theatre Hall. In addition to students from the University of Western Brittany in Brest, students from the University of Gdańsk and researchers/practitioners from the Federal University of Goiás – Goiânia (Brazil) and the National Academy of Arts “George Enescu” in Iasi (Romania) took part in the workshop. The organization of the event was made possible thanks to the cooperation undertaken by the European Maritime University (SeaEU) and under bilateral agreements with foreign institutions. A video documenting these activities is available (VIDEO Mapping Bodies_Between.Pomiedzy 2023_documentary ( as well as a summary of the whole of the  Between.Pomiędzy Dispersed Festival (Between.Pomiędzy | Festiwal Rozproszony).


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Warsztaty dr Katarzyny Pastuszak i wykład online prof. UG Tomasza Wiśniewskiego i dr Katarzyny Pastuszak
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