March in ACC

Another month full of exceptional events organised by the students of the University of Gdańsk as part of the Academic Culture Centre ALTERNATOR! The calendar features something for fans of the visual arts, events, theatre and film. Take a look at the programme.


2-3.03.2024 - 'BOUT IT - Artists Forum

WHERE. Artists' Colony, 53 Grunwaldzka Avenue

'BOUT IT is an event where we invite you to have a coffee and cake together and talk about music and culture. In the cosy, homely atmosphere of the Artists' Colony, we'll be quizzing our panellists on everything that matters to us and to you about a particular subject. The programme includes panel discussions, workshops and concerts. Admission is free.


2-20.03.2024 - METAMORPHOSIS: transformation through the eyes of artists

WHERE. WL4 - Mleczny Piotr, Ks. J. Popiełuszki St.

METAMORPHOSIS is an exhibition of artists from Canada and the UK who have created their work for the exhibition inspired by one word - 'transformation'. The exhibition is curated by UG students Julia Zacharek and Olga Rosłanowska, who want to draw attention to how artists' imagination works.


3.03.2024 - ‘HENRY PJOTER AND THE DEVIL'S SEED’ - performance by Standby Studio Theatre

WHERE. Culture Factory in Reda, 59A Łąkowa Street

What if the school of magicians was located in Toruń? And on the way there, the lady from Wars would hand out hot dogs from Żabka to the students? What would the story of our childhood look like if transferred to Poland? This comedy is perfect for young and old, it is a play on words, colourful characters and iconic props. Behind the Curtain of Laughter is also a story about the hardships of growing up, the value of family and friendship, about getting lost and finding oneself.


7.03.2024 - Masters of Cinema: ‘LOVE OF THE BLONDE’ | DKF UG LOVE OF THE BLONDE

WHERE. ul. Wita Stwosza 55, auditorium 1.43

Special screening inaugurating the 30th year of the UG Film Discussion Club Love Blonde. One of the most important films of Czech cinema in the 1960s. Women working in a textile factory dream of men who are scarce in the area. Andula is lucky: she spends an evening with a pianist who invites her to his place in Prague. The trip to the capital will be extremely enlightening. Free admission.


9-10.03.2024 - Screenwriting workshop with Justyna Bilik

WHERE. ul. Wita Stwosza 55, assembly hall 1.43

DKF UG LOVE BLOND and the Department of Film and Media at UG would like to invite students of Film and Audiovisual Culture and Audiovisual Form Production to a screenwriting workshop with Justyna Bilik THE OPENING SCENE, or a bit about cinematic promise. During the workshop, participants will analyse cinematic opening scenes and work on scenes submitted by themselves.


10.03.2024 - OSCAR SHORTS 2024: Short films nominated for the Academy Awards 2024

WHERE. 55 Wita Stwosza Street, auditorium 1.43

DKF UG LOVE BLOND invites you to a unique Oscar evening, which will present two film blocks: animated short films and short feature films nominated for the Academy Award 2024.


14.03.2024 - Women's Cinema: FOUR Daughters | DKF UG LOVE OF THE BLONDE

WHERE. ul. Wita Stwosza 55, assembly hall 1.43

One of the biggest surprises of this year's Cannes Main Competition, a combination of fiction, documentary, police reconstruction and psychodrama. This form allows one to dive deep into a story that has been trivialised by the media. The protagonist is Olfa - a mother of four daughters from the lowlands. The disappearance of the two oldest is the subject of a passionate 'investigation'.



WHERE. ul. Wita Stwosza 55, assembly hall 1.43

For four seasons, the director accompanies her father on a journey through the wild mountain regions of western Norway, in order to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors with her camera and answer the question: where am I from? The region's pristine nature pulsates with a constant cycle of birth and death. The film reveals to us an intimate and at the same time very universal world.


28.03.2024 - Confrontations: FROM WHERE TO WHERE | DKF UG LOVE BLONDE

WHERE. ul. Wita Stwosza 55, assembly hall 1.43

The beginning of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. People suspended in time and space, faced with the uncertain here and now, decide to abandon what they hold most dear and get into a dusty van with foreign registration plates. The car travels thousands of kilometres, acting as a waiting room, hospital, shelter and, above all, a space for confidences and confessions.


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Magdalena Bródka/ACC