SEA-INNOVATE HUB - Strengthening international research and business cooperation

The SEA-INNOVATE HUB platform has been launched, offering numerous courses, opportunities for international cooperation and the chance to carry out scientific projects, R&D projects, or commercialise research. This is the result of a joint effort by six SEA-EU universities as part of the ReSEArch-EU project.

The SEA-INNOVATE HUB consists of three pillars: an exchange of good practices, a Marketplace tool, and a database of contacts and services. The platform aims to simplify networking between business and higher education institutions, especially in the area of research. It provides the opportunity to connect with experts from different backgrounds and disciplines or to acquire necessary entrepreneurial competencies.

Exchange of good practices

The SEA-INNOVATE HUB is a space for the exchange of knowledge and skills between universities. One of the platform's features is the SEA-EU Academy, an environment for organising and promoting virtual courses, seminars and webinars. Thanks to it, staff from all six universities involved in the project will not only acquire new skills but also strengthen inter-university cooperation through the exchange of know-how.

The good practice exchange section includes a summary of the ReSEArch-EU - Spin-Off Competence Lab initiative, which produced a series of meetings on soft (problem-solving, entrepreneurial skills) and hard (IPR knowledge, innovation management) competencies led by experts from SEA-EU universities.

The website also includes a document entitled ‘Strategies of Stakeholder Engagement’, presenting, among other things, various analyses of the establishment and implementation of SEA-EU universities' external collaborations.


The 'Marketplace Tool' tab facilitates networking between researchers and the business community. It allows business representatives to seamlessly find units or teams of researchers that offer the services they are looking for. At the same time, the platform makes it possible to establish contacts for longer-term projects and can lead to long-term business-scientific cooperation.

A variety of services are posted on the site: from analyses and expertise to courses and training. Currently, more than 50 offers from researchers at SEA-EU universities can already be found on the platform.

Databases of services and contacts

The SEA-INNOVATE HUB is also a platform for collaboration between researchers. The database, which has been running since April 2020, already contains more than 500 research groups and 142 research infrastructure items. The platform is continuously updated. Researchers from all SEA-EU partner universities can use it to find research groups to start collaborations.


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Marcel Jakubowski/ Press Office UG