"Anthropological Research of the year 2020" award for UG

Magdalena Chułek, MA, from the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at the Faculty of History of the University of Gdańsk, won the main prize "Anthropological research of the year 2020" in the competition of the Social Anthropology Section of the Polish Sociological Association for her paper "Hustling the mtaa way: The brainwork of the garbage business in Nairobi's slums" published in the prestigious African Studies Review.

The laureate has conducted long-term ethnographic research in the slums of major cities in Africa (Kenya). The results of her studies are an excellent example of anthropological research showing the complexity of seemingly simple, stereotypical phenomena. Magdalena Chułek presents the world of slums from the POV of the people living there, bringing closer their way of acting and thinking, showing its diversity, richness and dangers.



Press Office of University of Gdańsk