April at ACC: films, concerts, meetings. Come and join us!

The next month is full of exceptional events organised by the students of the University of Gdańsk within the Academic Cultural Centre ALTERNATOR. The calendar features something for fans of music, visual arts, events, and film. Learn more about the programme!


4.04.2024 - CINEMA HORIZONS: Dream Scenario

WHERE? 55 Wita Stwosza Street, assembly hall 1.43

A comedy no one has ever dreamt of! Paul (Nicolas Cage) is a likeable, if a little boring, professor who suddenly starts appearing in the dreams of millions of strangers, and everyone asks themselves: why him? The Oscar-winning actor plays the role of an unappreciated and almost unnoticeable grey man whose fate changes dramatically. From night to night, he becomes a celebrity of a special category. Finally, he is SOMEONE. But soon his life goes from being the embodiment of a dream to a nightmare, and from being a fascinating phenomenon Paul becomes a victim of cancel culture.



5.04.2024 - SPRING THRILLS. Spring concert of the Gdańsk Academic Orchestra

WHERE? Prof. Jerzy Limon Theatre Hall, UG Neophilology building

Spring concert of the Gdańsk Academic Orchestra, during which the instrumentalists will present a mix of pop, jazz and Latino hits. They will play, among others, ‘Blue Bossa’, ‘High Hopes’, ‘Take Five’, ‘Superstition’ or ‘There's nothing holding me back’, and many others. The orchestra will be conducted by Marcin Janek - an outstanding saxophonist, composer, arranger and actively touring jazz musician. Admission is free.



6.04.2024 - WHERE IS THE (AI)RTIST?

WHERE? Oliwski Ratusz Kultury (Oliva Culture Hall), Gdańsk

A multidimensional cultural event where participants will jointly try to answer the questions: is the listener able to distinguish art made by a human from that made by an artificial intelligence, where and who is the (ai)rtist? To this end, the organisers have asked both AI and humans to write a song. Both numbers will be rearranged for the concert and will be played in a live band version. Participants will vote on who wrote the song and who did a better job. In addition, the event will feature concerts by young musicians, an exhibition of AI-inspired artworks, panel discussions, and workshops on creating with AI.



11.04.2024 - CINOTHERAPY: Sometimes I think about dying

WHERE? 55 Wita Stwosza Street, assembly hall 1.43

A story full of subtle humour about overcoming one's limitations. Fran is an example of a typical introvert. She lives alone, and shies away from people, even though she is somewhat condemned to them at work, and any deeper relations fill her with genuine trepidation. Her painfully ordered life is filled with monotony, and every day looks exactly the same. Fran has a rather original way of overcoming the daily boredom: she fantasises about the circumstances in which she might die.



11.04.2024 - MEGAFON vol. 9 | Inter-University Host Event for Artistic Forms Generally Unspecified

WHERE? Food Hall Station, Galeria Metropolia

Are you involved in broadly defined art? Have you always wanted to share your artwork with others, but nowhere with the right opportunity, space and audience to do so? That means you have just stumbled upon a project created especially for people like you! MEGAFON is a space for young artists to show themselves. Don't be afraid. Let yourself get started!



12.04.2024 - National Student Conference ‘Mediaucze(L)ni’. Screening of the film ‘Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World’.

WHERE? 55 Wita Stwosza Street, assembly hall 1.43

The legendary documentary filmmaker takes on the internet - from its origins to its most remote corners. Herzog proves that the moment when the internet will begin to ‘dream of itself’ is very close at hand. He leads viewers through a series of provocative conversations that show how the internet has transformed virtually everything in the real world. One scientist shows what a robot's imagination looks like and asks an uncomfortable question: surrounded by intelligent machines, surely we will still need the company of another human being?


18.04.2024 - CONFRONTATIONS: 20,000 species of bees

WHERE? 55 Wita Stwosza Street, assembly hall 1.43

Sofia Otero plays a character who, one hot summer, amidst buzzing hives, pool bustle, and family arguments, will begin frantically searching for her place in the hive. A child who will challenge established norms and traditions will bring long-buried secrets to light, and the women of the family will examine their own choices and repressed desires. The child's rebellion will remind them that the truth about themselves can be manifested in many ways.



19.04.2024 - Film Podlasie attacks... Gdańsk! Screening of independent cinema and meeting with Krzysztof Sienkiewicz

WHERE? Klubokawiarnia INDEX , 66 Polanki St.

Film Podlasie is one of the most recognisable events promoting independent cinema and at the same time, a platform for auteur, artistic, non-professional, and experimental films. Among the creators are poets, journalists, art school students, artists, and independent filmmakers. The action was born in Podlasie - a place where many cultures and religions meet, a land of artists, bison, unspoilt nature and unique potential, the outlet of which finds expression in original creative activities.


25.04.2024 - GOOD BECAUSE POLISH: Pianoforte

WHERE? 55 Wita Stwosza Street, auditorium 1.43

Deep emotions and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. There are 160 competitors in the preliminaries, with only 12 making it to the final - the Chopin Competition is the most prestigious event of its kind in the world. It takes place every 5 years in Warsaw and is attended by the most eminent pianists. In the foreground of the film are the young participants and their dreams. They have subordinated their lives to playing the piano since childhood and feel ready to compete. For the first time ever, we get the chance to observe their behind-the-scenes cathartic preparations, but we also accompany them privately as they reveal their colourful, offbeat personalities.



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