‘Around law and mercy’ - exhibition at the Law Library


The Law Library invites everyone to the exhibition Around Law and Mercy, which will be presented in the Library's lobby from April 08 to April 30, 2024.

The exhibition will showcase the Library's collections in the fields of criminal law, philosophy, theology, and art, various initiatives related to the idea of mercy, including the activities of the Blessed Father Michael Sopoćko Hospice of Vilnius, and posters from a symposium on the relationship between law and mercy held in 2023 in Gdańsk.

From the materials gathered in the exhibition, it is clear that mercy is a major challenge for the idea of law, but it is possible and worthwhile to search for threads connecting the two concepts. Reflection on mercy creates space for new concepts, visions and assessments relating to law. At the same time, legal research on mercy shows the complexity of many fundamental concepts such as justice, punishment or human rights.

We hope that the presented exhibition will provide an opportunity to reflect on law and its relationship to morality, as well as inspire philosophical and legal reflections on law and mercy.

Feel welcome!

Monika Budzińska/BUG