UG Radio Studio in a new version

Studio Radiowe

A Lawo console and classic 'On Air' signalling have found their way into the University of Gdańsk's radio studio. The modern equipment will not only improve the quality of the sound emitted but will also allow simultaneous broadcasting on two bands.

The University of Gdańsk's radio studio, located at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Gdańsk, has undergone extensive modernisation concerning the equipment used to create and broadcast radio programmes. Among other things, it was equipped with a console from Lawo, a German manufacturer of audio and video equipment based on AoIP digital audio distribution, whose products can be found in many radio stations around the world.

Radio Mors

‘A very important functionality, thanks to the modernisation of the studio, is the radio's multi-channel capability’, reports Radio MORS sound engineer Artur Seruga, who prepared the modernisation project. ‘This allows the simultaneous broadcasting of two radio programmes using the same music database. This makes it possible to make full use of the radio broadcast as part of teaching activities. Students can familiarise themselves with the latest technology as well as learn audio production.’

An additional traffic light - OnAir - has been installed in the studio. It is visible to the broadcasters as well as to the producers and visitors - both those in the studio and the WNS lobby in front of the studio. It informs of an ongoing recording or live programme on Radio MORS.

We invite you to listen to Radio MORS, from now on with new and better sound!

About the equipment


The state-of-the-art radio broadcast console, equipped with intelligent Automix and Autogain functions and a fully customisable graphical interface, features 12 silent motorised attenuators working in 2 layers, allowing 24 different signal sources (microphones, line signals, digital signals, etc.) to be mixed simultaneously. Using the On-Air Designer software, custom functions can be assigned to any of the console's buttons. An additional accessory is the PC software package VisTool. This is a visualisation of any console parameters tailored to the needs of the studio and Radio MORS.

The audio system operates in RAVENNA/AES67 and ST2110-30n standards. Its installation was accompanied by an expansion of the possibilities the studio offers to sound engineers, broadcasting students and lecturers teaching in the studio.

Photo by Michał Mieczkowski