Academic pandemic archive

We are witnessing a pivotal time in the human history of our generation - the global COVID-19 pandemic. As the University of Gdańsk community, we are also experiencing this world-changing event. From the beginning, our activities have taken various forms - from conducting scientific research, remote teaching, keeping the University administration running to providing psychological support and sharing creative ways to stay calm and hopeful.

To document the experiences of the University of Gdansk community in the ongoing global crisis, the project "Academic Archive of COVID-19 Pandemic" was created. The idea of the project is to document the daily experiences and events taking place on campus, in the lab, while studying and working remotely at home or elsewhere. The Pandemic Archive will be a collection and record of all these events that we have experienced and continue to experience.

"Academic Archive of COVID-19 Pandemic" is also a way for future generations to learn what our daily lives were like during the pandemic, how our habits and perceptions of the world changed, what worried us and what pleased us, what dilemmas we had and what gave us hope.

We invite you to submit to the Archives of the University of Gdańsk accounts and materials from the pandemic time, which will be an invaluable source of knowledge for future generations. They will also become part of a nationwide archival collection documenting the fate of our country at that difficult time. Should you have any questions or wish to support the initiative, please contact us by phone (58 523 23 27), e-mail ( or in-person at the office of the Archive of the University of Gdańsk, Jana Bażyńskiego Street 8, entrance in the building of Neophilology (-1 level) between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

The action "Archive of Pandemic A.D. 2020. Public collection of documents of the pandemic caused by coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)" was initiated by the Chief Director of State Archives to document the experiences of the Polish society related to this event.

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