University of Gdańsk at the Women in Tech Summit 2024!

Już drugi dzień jesteśmy na największej w Europie i Azji konferencji dla kobiet w dziedzinach STEM. Inspirujące wystąpienia, dyskusje i wykłady przyciągają regularnie blisko 10 000 studentek, specjalistek i liderek. 

Film: Mateusz Byczkowski/Zespół Promocji UG

We are on our second day at the largest conference for women in STEM fields in Europe and Asia. Inspiring speeches, discussions, and lectures regularly attract nearly 10,000 female students, professionals, and leaders.


This is the second edition of the event, in which UG is also involved. This year, we recorded 115 registered participants - students, scientists, and researchers.

Two scientific circles from the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics presented themselves at the stands: Deep Dive and Work in Progress. Their supervisors, dr Marta Frankowska and mgr Mateusz Miotk, emphasised that for students, participation in the event was also an opportunity to learn about a wide range of industries. This is because one of the halls is devoted to companies from IT-related industries.

‘The Work in Progress club is a young club, which started its activities in November last year, but we are very active. We decided to take part in Women in Tech, first of all because it is an opportunity to promote the faculty, the university, and it is also a great chance to see what is happening in the industry,' says mgr Mateusz Miotk. ‘It is known that today the industry has slowed down a bit, and here you can also take part in workshops, and see what IT is doing now.’

Dr Marta Frankowska took part in the event for the second time: ‘When I heard about Women in Tech, I decided that this is the place where a modern university has to be. This is the most energetic event in IT for women, but as you can see - not only, the ratio is more or less 50:50. Here, students can talk to representatives of business and science, find out how the recruitment process goes in these companies, what internships, opportunities there are, but also what are the new trends in technologies. It is definitely worthwhile to be here, to make new contacts. It is also important that we can participate here for free, but we can also exhibit here.’

As the supervisor of the Deep Dive club added - the UG students also take part in a campaign run by Perspektywy called ‘Girls for Science’ ('Dziewczyny do ścisłych'). The highlight of this campaign is always the Open Day of the UG Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics: ‘Our students encourage girls not to be afraid to study science.’

One of the campaign's student ambassadors is Amelia Dolińska, a student of mathematical modelling and data analysis, as well as computer science at the University of Gdańsk, who was also present at the event: ‘I participated in a panel where, with other female STEM students, we talked about why we are ambassadors of the Perspektywy 'Girls for Science' campaign. I believe that science majors at universities are just as good as those at Institutes of Technology. If girls for some reason have doubts and don't want to go to a university of technology, then university is a nice alternative for them.  I became an ambassador for the campaign to encourage female applicants and convince them that they can get just as good qualifications at universities and that they can get just as good a job after university as they can after polytechnics.’

Fot. Iwona Kuklińska. ZP UG

Female academics from the University of Gdańsk talked about scientific and social activities: ICCVS Director prof. dr hab. Natalia Marek-Trzonkowska and Jury Chair of the L'Oreal For Women and Science programme, prof. dr hab. Ewa Łojkowska.

The speech by prof. Natalia Marek-Trzonkowska, who spoke, among other things, about her work on cancer vaccines, aroused great interest among those present. ‘Thank you for your work for mankind,’ concluded one person in the audience.

On the other hand, you could hear about the opportunities offered by studying and working at the University of Gdańsk at our stand, which was visited among others by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digitalisation Krzysztof Gawkowski and the President of the Perspektywy Educational Foundation Waldemar Siwiński.

See the highlights from the 6th Women in Tech Summit in the photo report below!

MJ, MNG/Press Team; photo by IK, AB, MB/Promotion Team