The University of Gdańsk Authorities visit the University Kindergarten

On Monday, 16 September the representatives of the authorities of the University of Gdańsk paid a visit to the newly established University Kindergarten located at the UG Oliwa Campus. The kindergarten is a private education institution dedicated mainly to the children of the University of Gdańsk employees, doctoral students and students, but also for children whose parents are not associated with the University. The Kindergarten teachers use elements of Reggio Emilia pedagogy in their educational work and upbringing work. It is a philosophy that see a teacher as a guide in helping the child to reach knowledge and new solutions on their own. The facility has a capacity to care for 28 children , but currently has 16 pupils.

The distinguished guests showed in the very beginning of the visit - The Rector of UG prof. dr hab. Jerzy Piotr Gwizdała, The Chancellor of UG dr Mirosław Czapiewski and Head of Employee Social Affairs Section Krzysztof Gołąb, together with the Kindergarten Headmaster dr Katarzyna Kmita-Zaniewska cut the symbolic ribbon. Later children showed the guests around the kindergarten premises. The culmination of the meeting was when the visitors sat around in the circle with children and doodled. Later, the Chancellor read the children a fairy tale.


About the Kindergarten

During academic year 2019/2020, the kindergarten is recruiting children born from 2013 to 2016. The kindergarten has a capacity of 28 children. Eventually two kindergarten departments will be launched, for children of different ages. Every department will have two dedicated teachers. The kindergarten has two thoroughly designed and conveniently equipped educational rooms and physical and artistic activity room. The fenced playground and playfield are located just next to the facility. There is also an elevator for disabled people.

The kindergarten’s operating hours are 7am to 5pm, from Monday to Friday, the whole calendar year except for August.

The monthly tuition is PLN 600, which does not include meals, which are available with catering.



The kindergarten has become an integral part of the academic society. It is a place where children actively explore the educational space created by their kindergarten teachers, parents, academic teachers, students, third age university students, representatives of local communities and other entities operating nearby.


Reggio Emilia

The Kindergarten teachers use elements of Reggio Emilia pedagogy in their educational work and upbringing work. It is a philosophy that sees a teacher as a guide in helping the child to reach knowledge and new solutions on their own. A child is a strong, competent, creative person, full of awe and potential and has endless ways to express themselves. The teacher’s work focuses on building trust and bond with the child.


Educational Space

Work, time and space organization plays crucial role at the The University Kindergarten . Well thought out and designed interior plus the way of educational materials use (so called loose parts) stimulate children’s imagination, independence, engagement in the process of learning and encourage relation building. The accumulated materials and the surrounding itself provoke children’s thought, search and action.


Nature, exercise, fun

The vicinity of Tricity Landscape Park allows the Stuff to focus on strengthening children’s connection to nature through everyday outside activities. The natural environment becomes a background for organized educational activities and a place for individual and team learning, through play. Casual play is a key factor in the kindergarten everyday operation – we appreciate its uncommon potential and educational benefits.


Family and local community

We wish to create educational community of children and adults – trigger the engagement of teachers, parents and local community. Children along with their parents co-create kindergarten everyday life – the kindergarten is a space for them.


Educational projects

Our work is project based – initiated by both children and adults. Our goal is to provide children with stimuli, making new knowledge and skills last longer. Every child co-creates their curriculum with a teacher, whose role is to realize child’s potential and help them follow their interests.


Art and Languages education

The unhampered contact with culture and its creation gives the children various means of expressing themselves.  Through art education, music, dance, drama and more, at the same time improving children’s self-confidence, creativity, communicating skills. Our kindergarten  also offers extended English classes.


Recruitment information on a website:


The Kindergarten Headmaster -  dr Katarzyna Kmita-Zaniewska


Devised  by the University of Gdańsk Spokesperson’s Office

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