The second edition of training courses conducted within the SEAPLANSPACE project has finished

On January 10, 2021, the second edition of training courses conducted within the international SEAPLANSPACE project on "Maritime spatial planning instruments for sustainable management of the sea", organised for people interested in maritime spatial planning issues, ended.

The SEAPLANSPACE project is co-financed by the Interreg South Baltic Programme 2014-2020.

The two editions of the SEAPLANSPACE training course were attended by 179 participants, who had the opportunity to learn practical, tailor-made, high-quality knowledge in the field of maritime spatial planning and sustainable management of the sea. The international module of the Polish workshop edition was attended by 20 participants from Germany, Denmark and Lithuania, in co-operation with the SEAPLANSPACE project partners. The two Polish editions of the training included 180 hours of classes each, specially prepared for people from public administration, including maritime administration, local government, blue and green economy, as well as students and graduates of universities.

The SEAPLANSPACE training programme consists of five modules covering interdisciplinary practical knowledge of sustainable maritime management, taking into account the economic, environmental, legal and social conditions of maritime spatial planning.

The trainers of the SEAPLANSPACE training courses are practitioners involved in the preparation of maritime spatial plans as well as professors involved in maritime spatial planning in the Baltic Sea area. The international part of the SEAPLANSPACE training was conducted by three experts from s-Pro - sustainable projects GmbH - Suzanne Altvater, Angela Schultz-Zehden, Kira Gee. Simultaneous translation of the international training module was provided.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the second edition of the SEAPLANSPACE training was entirely conducted online via MS TEAMS platform. Participants of the international training module from Poland, Germany, Denmark and Lithuania took part in an interactive session also organised remotely.

SEAPLANSPACE Project Team would like to thank trainers and participants for substantial and fruitful cooperation, motivation, enthusiasm and professionalism especially in difficult conditions of remote work.

List of trainers for the SEAPLANSPACE project:

prof. dr hab.Tomasz Bąkowski, prof. dr hab. Kamil Zeidler, dr hab. Monika Adamczak- Retecka, prof. UG, dr hab. Anna Machnikowska, prof. UG, dr hab. Maciej Nyka, prof. UG, dr hab. Dorota Pyć, prof. UG, prof. dr hab. Jacek Zaucha, dr hab. Ernest Czermański, prof.UG, dr hab.Aleksandra Koźlak, prof. UG, mgr Magdalena Matczak, mgr Jakub Jankiewicz, dr hab. Sylwia Mrozowska, prof. UG, dr Barbara Kijewska, prof. UG, dr hab. Urszula Janas, prof. UG, dr hab.Konrad Ocalewicz, prof. UG, dr hab. Mariusz Sapota, prof. UG, dr hab. Katarzyna Smolarz, prof. UG, dr Agnieszka Kubowicz- Grajewska, dr Halina Kendzierska, dr Ewa Szymczak, prof. Ramunas Povilanskas (Uniwersytet w Kłajpedzie).

We would like to express our special gratitude for the support in the implementation of the Project to dr hab. Aneta Oniszczuk-Jastrząbek, prof. UG, dr. hab. Dorota Burska, prof. UG, the translators, the IT team from the IT Centre of the University of Gdańsk, and for administrative support to mgr Katarzyna Sztygiel and mgr Monika Fijałkowska.


dr hab. Dorota Pyć, prof. UG, Project Manager

dr hab. Maciej Nyka, prof. UG, Professor UG, Communication Manager

mgr inż. Jolanta Mrozek, Finance Manager

Press Office of University of Gdańsk