Talented students urgently needed - 12th edition of the Student Nobel Prize has just been launched

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For the 12th time, representatives of the Independent Students' Union are encouraging their peers to share their scientific, artistic and social achievements. The Student Nobel Prize is being launched - the only nationwide scholarship competition created by students for students.

The Student Nobel Prize is a cyclical competition organised by the Independent Students' Association, whose main objective is to honour students with outstanding achievements. The project, which has been running for 12 years, focuses on: promoting the development of science, literature and art, supporting the idea of voluntary work, making it easier for young, talented artists and scientists to develop their passions and interests. It is the only such scholarship programme created by a student organisation. It is addressed to university students from all over Poland who stand out thanks to their ambition, hard work and commitment. - We want to appreciate the contribution of young researchers, artists and social activists to the development of Polish science and culture, and at the same time give them a platform to present and evaluate their achievements - explain the organisers of the competition.

Students will compete against each other in 9 categories of competition:

  • Technical Sciences
  • Arts
  • Journalism and Literature
  • Natural Sciences and Energy
  • Physics and astronomy
  • Medicine and pharmacy
  • Social sciences
  • Economic sciences
  • Social work

The winners of each category will receive prizes of PLN 5000 each, sponsored by the strategic partner of this year's edition, Santander Universidades. This competition is a great opportunity not only to win a scholarship but also to network among ambitious students who, through conversation, have a chance to get to know each other, share experiences and perhaps establish cooperation which is important for further development in the fields of science, art or social life.

The Student Nobel Prize does not end with the awarding of prizes and granting the title of a winner in a given category. After the Final Gala, meetings and interviews on radio or television await the best students in Poland.

All current participants are distinguished by the spectacular results of their hard work. Ambition allows them to reach the heights and make their dreams come true. The Student Nobel team makes every effort to support the young and talented.

The award opens up many avenues for self-development, but it also promotes achievements already made. - 'The award highlights my experience, which helps in establishing cooperation with business - both at the level of a scientific circle and the foundation,' - says Magdalena Nowak, winner in the field of social activity, president of the board of the Foundation for Shared Value Creation by Students.

In 2021, accompanying events will be organised all over Poland with the participation of Laureates from previous editions of the competition. Meetings will take the form of a scientific conference, during which it will be possible to learn many interesting facts about working in the world of science.

The organisers of the competition warmly encourage you to take part. Every year, the number of applications is counted in hundreds, therefore receiving the title of the winner of the "Student Nobel Prize 2021" will be a distinction and confirmation of being the 'best of the best' in your field.

The application form for the competition is now available. Just go to the website and register by filling in the application form.

For more information about the competition and individual competition categories, please visit the Student Nobel website and contact directly the competition coordinator - Aleksandra Bodzioch

e-mail: aleksandra.bodzioch@nzs.org.pl, tel. 691 959 267.


Julia Bereszczyńska / Press Office of University of Gdańsk