Professor Stanisław Rosiek rewarded for intellectual courage by the distinguished Ukrainian cultural journal "Ji" (Ї)

Professor Stanisław Rosiek from the Institute of Polish Language at the Faculty of Languages of the University of Gdańsk, a tireless researcher of Bruno Schulz's work and a tireless publisher, received an award for intellectual courage from the most important cultural studies journal in Ukraine, "Ji" (Ї). The award was presented in the former Potocki Palace in Lviv on Saturday 14 December 2019.

Professor Marek Wilczyński thanked professor Rosiek on behalf of Polish, Ukrainian and all other readers for wonderful books published in the słowo obraz/terytoria publishing house. He also praised the laureate for being a brave publisher and an intellectual risk-taker to whom we owe the books which have shaped so many of us. Without him we would certainly be different, probably somehow impoverished, lacking the stimulus for the imagination and inspiration for our own work - said professor Wilczyński.

Congratulations to the highly esteemed Professor!

Photographs: @lvivartgallery

Tłumaczenie: Wioleta Karwacka

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