Ad Astra. Astropolitics and Space Law at UG

- 'It is no longer distant futurism, but everyday life close to us that will reach for the stars! We want to reach them, too! That is why I have established "Ad Astra",' - says dr Jakub Szlachetko from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdańsk, the initiator of the research programme on astropolitics and cosmic law Ad Astra.

As dr Jakub Szlachetko stresses, the programme was born out of his interest in space issues, in the context of politics and law. - 'Space is experiencing a renaissance due to geopolitics, the need for new resources and technological development, but also the visions and dreams of explorers-scientists, entrepreneurs-enthusiasts and, finally, statesmen,' he explains.

This is why he set up Ad Astra. Research Programme on Astropolitics and Space Law, and in addition he is working to establish the Ad Astra Scientific Consortium, which is to provide an organisational structure for the programme, bringing together various institutions, communities and individuals.

The Scientific Consortium is composed of: the Faculty of Law and Administration UG, the Metropolitan Institute - an independent think tank, E. Kwiatkowski University of Administration and Business in Gdynia and the Baltic Sea and Space Cluster. The aim of the consortium will be a scientific activity, popularisation and support for the legislation. - 'We focus on broadly defined social sciences - law, administration, political science, management, economics and additionally urban planning. Although we are open to anyone willing to cooperate,' - explains Dr Jakub Szlachetko.

Work is in progress on a bilingual scientific journal entitled: Ad Astra. Research Programme on Astropolitics and Space Law. Also, online lectures, a scientific conference and activities integrating scientific, expert and business circles around the topic are planned. As announced by the organiser, still in the spring the programme will be inaugurated on Zoom, Facebook and Youtube platforms.

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Ewa Cichocka/Press Office of University of Gdańsk