Successes of AZS UG in AMP in Indoor Rowing

On Friday, 7.05., the Polish Academic Rowing Championships were held in indoor rowing. As every year, the University of Gdansk team was fully mobilised, which resulted in outstanding individual results and, above all, in a great team success for men and women - reports Head Coach Jarosław Skibicki.

Report: Piotr Walczak

Two individual medals among the ladies and life records of the other contestants gave them second place in the general classification and second place in the type of AMP universities, giving way only to a very strong team of the UMK from Toruń.

Gents, in very good and equal composition, in a team 'rowed' the third place in the university classification. Thus, both ladies and men confirmed that the medals from the previous edition were not an accident, but the effect of three years of hard work and many sacrifices to maintain the desired weight and form.

It is worth noting that 4 out of 7 of our athletes rowed in the best series of both weight categories, and all of them ranked among the top 40 academic 'rowers' of Poland!

Results of the University of Gdansk representatives:

Women's Open category

1. Monika Trawczyńska 3:26.4 (1st place in general classification and Universities)

2. Aleksandra Żarczyńska 3:34.6

3. Inga Jekel 3:35.8

Women's Lightweight Category

1. Dominika Kolterman 3:37.2 (1st place in Universities and 5th in Gen.)

2. Urszula Biłomyzy 3:48.8

3. Alicja Majkowska 3:56.9

4. Weronika Marciniak 3:55.1

Men's Open category

1. Wojciech Hebel 3:08.8

2. Kamil Jesionkowski 3:09.8

3. Denis Sobol 3:07.4

4. Karol Świątkowski 3:03.2

5. Błażej Łukaszewski 3:18.9

6. Mateusz Porożyński 3:12.6

7. Jarosław Skibicki - Head Coach 3:18.8

Men's Lightweight Category

1. Radosław Dudziak 3:26.1

2. Damian Szaliński 3:28.1

3. Maciej Chistowski 3:20.6

4. Jan Maciejko 3:18.9

EMW/Press Office of University of Gdańsk