Triumph of the University of Gdańsk at the Polish Academic Athletics Championships

Female representatives of the University of Gdańsk became Polish Academic Champions in Athletics in the team classification last weekend. Men from UG won the title of vice-champions in the university type. This is the biggest success of the AZS UG Athletics Section so far.

- 'It is a huge historical success of AZS University of Gdańsk. For the first time in the new formula of the Polish Academic Championships in Athletics, our students stand on the top step of the podium. Big applause for the athletes and coaches. The men also deserve attention and congratulations, as they won silver medals in the university classification. The University of Gdańsk came back from Bielsko-Biała with a "bag" of individual medals, each of them being a separate story,' - says Piotr Walczak, the President of AZS UG.

At the stadium in Bielsko-Biała our athletes achieved many life-changing results and won a total of 20 medals in the general classification and the university type classification:

- Małgorzata Maślak Academic Champion of Poland in javelin throw,

- Weronika Lizakowska Academic Champion of Poland in the 1500 metres run,

- Agata Boraczyńska Academic Vice-Champion of Poland in the pole vault (gold in the university type),

- Blanka Zapora, Maja Działoszewska, Patrycja Adamczyk, Alicja Stój Academic Vice-Champions of Poland in 4x400 relay (gold in the university type),

- Women's and men's 4x100 relay took 6th place in general classification and silver in universities:

Klaudia Nazarowicz, Edyta Bielska, Zuzanna Filipska, Hanna Gołębiewska

Alek Czubachowski, Łukasz Smolnicki, Maciej Chistowski, Piotr Formaniewicz

- Edyta Bielska silver in the long jump in the university type,

- Łukasz Smolnicki silver in the 400 metres run in the university type

- Jakub Stybor silver in the triple jump in the university type,

- Coach Jarosław Skibicki bronze in the javelin throw in the university type,

- Szymon Rudek bronze in the high jump in the university type,

- Klaudia Nazarowicz bronze in the long jump in the university type,

- Małgorzata Maślak bronze in the shot put in the university type,

- Blanka Zapora bronze in 400 m race in cross country in the university type,

- Weronika Lizakowska bronze in 800 m run in the university type,

- Klaudia Nazarowicz bronze in the triple jump in the university type,

- Piotr Formaniewicz bronze in the triple jump in the university type. Piotr Formaniewicz achieved a personal best in 100 metres of 10.95. At the same time, he crossed the magic limit of 11 seconds.

Women's general classification:

1. University of Gdańsk

2. University of Physical Education in Cracow

3. University of Physical Education in Katowice

- 'We are happy and proud as coaches because we know how strong the team is and how talented and hard-working players it has to have in order to win the championship. These assets, as well as the team's great atmosphere, made the achieved results a reality. As coaches we look to the future with optimism, because if after such a difficult "non-stationary" academic year we achieve such results, then in the future there is a good chance to confirm these results in subsequent editions of the Polish Academic Championships,' - says coach Andrzej Cieplik.

- 'It was another very successful edition of the AMP in athletics. The turnout, despite the difficult time, was great. What makes us most happy is the fact that students eagerly come to the AMP, but also the fact that we have world-class results. All athletes who will represent Poland in the European Team Championships in Chorzów in a week showed a very good performance,' - says Aleksandra Leszczyńska from the Main Board of AZS.

The weather was the only thing the participants of the athletics championships could complain about. - 'Yes, the weather was not good, but clever shifts in the programme of the event allowed the competitors to compete at a high level and achieve great results. The organizers from AZS Katowice faced a challenge because, first of all, it is pandemic time and, secondly, they were at a hospitable stadium, however, not at home, which certainly did not make their work easier,' adds Aleksandra Leszczyńska.

The series of Polish Academic Championships is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport. The main sponsor of the AMP is Grupa LOTOS S.A.

Julia Bereszczyńska / Zespół Prasowy UG